Liam Hemsworth reads Zen books

liam-hemsworth-hunger-games-catching-fire-nyc_3964618 Even though false tabloid gossip irritates him, Liam Hemsworth doesn’t let the pressure of life in the spotlight get the best of him.

The actor became a tabloid target mostly thanks to his relationship with Miley Cyrus but he has found a way to deal with the gossip.

He tells the Associated Press, “What I always keep in mind is that I know what the truth is and that’s all that matters. I know I’m a good person and these days I feel like I’m more centered and grounded than I’ve ever been. I read a lot of Zen books. And I grew up surfing, so that has always been my escape.”

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One response to “Liam Hemsworth reads Zen books”

  1. Bruce says:

    Liam Hemsworth is doing everything just great! I support him – let people talk as they always will! I am sad he has become the target of tabloids due to the scandalous Miley Cyrus, but this is a part of life. I also like the way Liam deals with it. Sports and positive pout look on life with some philosophy is a very healthy way to deal with problems, unlike drugs and alcohol.