Liam Neeson: ‘I still expect Natasha to walk through the door’

Olivier Megaton & Liam Neeson Photocall - 38th Deauville American Film Festival In a new interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that will air on Sunday, Liam Neeson opens up about the tragic death of his wife Natasha Richardson, who passed away after suffering a brain injury in a skiing accident in Canada in 2009.

Neeson admits that even after five years he still cannot accept that his wife is gone.

“It was never real. It still kind of isn’t… There’s periods now in our New York residence when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years… Any time I hear that door opening, I still think I’m going to hear her,” he says.

“It hits you. It’s like a wave. You just get this profound feeling of instability. The earth isn’t stable anymore and then it passes and it becomes more infrequent, but I still get it sometimes.”

natasha_richardsonNeeson also talks about his final days with his wife while she was on life support.

“When I saw her and saw all these tubes and stuff, that was my immediate thought: ‘Ok, these tubes have to go. She’s gone…’ I just told her I loved her, said, ‘Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this. You banged your head. I don’t know if you can hear me, but this is what’s gone down. We’re bringing you back to New York, all your family and friends will come.’ “

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5 responses to “Liam Neeson: ‘I still expect Natasha to walk through the door’”

  1. Juliana says:

    Such a tragic story, such a great actor, such a huge loss! Liam Neeson cannot completely realize his wife has gone five years ago he loved and loves her so much that he still can imagine her entering their house. This is so romantic and sad at the same time. Such a great love and such a profound happiness that ended by the will of the fate. Life is just so cruel sometimes….

  2. Megan says:

    Such a great loss and such a deep scar in the should of a great actor and a very handsome man. A true love is a very rare event our lives and we must treasure it like Liam Neeson did. I admire his strength to let his beloved woman go when realizing she couldn’t support her own life. He permitted her to live for her sake, not to torture herself and has cut all the hopes to her being back in his life. I emphasize with Liam. Even though 5 year have passed, he cannot get over this. This is the true love many of us dream to find and he was lucky to experience it, even though the fat has such a turn for their family.

  3. Rhonnie says:

    Awe God, now that is a real example of the loving man, I guess Liam Neeson is exactly the type of man that every girl in looking for, even the little girls who do not understand a lot about life, are looking for this kind of pure love, where two people are caring about each other and would do anything in order to be together, it is a shame that Liam’s wife died. Natasha Richardson really was a very beautiful and kind woman; well she couldn’t be different one, as she has such a beautiful mother, probably for Vanessa Redgrave it also was a huge hit to lose her beloved daughter. I honestly speaking don’t know how do people are able to go through this kind of situations in their life, when there is so much pain and sorrow, and when you don’t want to wake up from sleep. I guess that is the condition that I would never be able to go through, when I am breaking up with a person, simply breaking up I feel like my whole world is collapsing and that I am miserable and won’t be ever able to fall in love again, while here it’s a different situation, because he never walked away because she wanted to, it just happened and none of them was able to do anything about it. I cannot imagine that I will wake up, and bam, the person I loved is dead. It is a terribly sad story.

  4. Teresa says:

    Liam Neeson is a very strong man, as not every man is able to go through such a great loss and continue living as well as performing on the screen. I do perfectly understand him, as I was on his place. My fiancée died two weeks before our wedding, he went to visit his brother into another state, so in the evening he called me from the hotel and said that he doesn’t feel well, that he got flue, I told him to drink some tea and go to sleep. And in the morning I was waked up by a call from a police officer who called from my fiancée’s phone and said that the person to whom this cell phone belongs is dead. At the beginning I thought it was a joke, but he hang up on me, so I kept calling and no one was answering, so I called the reception of the hotel and they told me that it all was truth, I can swear that it was the moment when I stopped feeling the ground under my feet, and I was able to feel my hair raising on my head. That is the worse feeling I have ever had in my life, and I do hope that it will never happen with me again, I honestly don’t wish any of those to happen even with my enemies or to people I do not really like.

  5. Lina says:

    I loved that actress – Natasha Richardson and I never knew that she died, or was married with Liam Neeson. So that is the reason why he always looks so sad, it is because he have lost the person he loves for good. I can only imagine how much it hearts. As when you meet the person you love, and realize that it is your soul mate, you are giving your heart and soul to that person, and when that person dies, than a part of your heart and soul die with that person and you will always miss those in your life. I loved Natasha as her face expression in all the movies was kind and peaceful, probably in real life she had same character as in the roles that she performed. Awe I hate when not fair thing like that one are happening in our life, and the truth is that it happens quite often, probably God needs some good people by his side as well as we do on the Earth. The last movie with her that I saw was the one where Natasha performed the role of the principle of the school for young girls, in the same movie also performed Eric Roberts’s daughter Emma. I think that it is ultimately sweet than even after five years since your tragically death your husband is still waiting for you to come into the house and is not able to believe that you are gone for good.