Lindsay Lohan offered $1m book deal


Publishing house HarperCollins has reportedly offered Lindsay Lohan $1 million to write her memoir. It is believed that the deal is ready to be signed.

Lindsay is supposed to turn her rehab dairy into a memoir in order to create an autobiography, detailing her troubled life.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ”It’s more or less an autobiography, but she had a minimal number of pages.”

Lindsay’s agent, Scott Waxman, had meeting with various publishing houses and he initially tried to secure a $5 million deal but failed since the publishers were worried the actress wouldn’t deliver a completed story.

”There was initial interest, but everybody backed off. There was concern she wouldn’t deliver,” the source added.

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5 responses to “Lindsay Lohan offered $1m book deal”

  1. Halle says:

    Now Lindsay tries to sell her life in shows and books. Well why not make a profit form her troubled life revealed to publicity. I thought she earned enough to get all her ark secrets of one million dollars. I am sure the memoir would be selling very well as the new show with Oprah Winfrey, but will this be good for Lindsay herself? Time will tell, I just hope she doesn’t step back into her troubled infamous life style.

  2. Mike says:

    Infamous Lindsay Lohan’s life can bring her much profit now. I believe the memoir would become a bestseller if tit is written in a reader friendly way, but I m sure the publication house will take care of this. I wonder how dark are the secrets that Lindsay is ready to share with the auditory…

  3. Inna says:

    I don’t understand what is so interesting about Lindsay Lohan’s memoirs? Since when people have started being interested in reading about a life of a drug addict person as well as alcohol addicted one? I don’t understand the entire Hollywood’s mess; we all are struggling for a better life for our children, and at the same time we do some bad stuff like allowing someone like Lindsay to publish their book, I can’t help the feeling that each person who will read the book, in a way or another will support Lindsay in what she was doing, and at the same time will support all the other young people who are doing same thing. And the other thing I am concerned with is why I have never read of Lindsay’s family who are being there and are trying to keep her away from all the wrong things? Aren’t those people worried at all for her, it is something I really cannot understand.

  4. Tina says:

    Lindsay Lohan again, all I can say is blah, blah, blaaaah. And now a book, just like everyone is super damn curious of how she was spending the nights out in a club, or like she remembers everything she was doing. For some reason I think she is even more stupid than I used to think before, though making money on a book was not that bad idea. In the case of the book I feel sorry more not for her, but for the people who will actually buy and read it, I think those dorks simply do not have a life of their own, that is why reading a book about a girl who used to be a star in her childhood, but became a total loser while becoming an adult person, due to not being able to keep herself pulled together, is much more captivating than their own life.

  5. Bree says:

    Hmm, this Lindsay Lohan is a really tough cookie; probably she has a strong guarding angel above her. As no matter how down she is falling she still manages to rise up from the bottom she is in, it really is worthy of admiration, as not everyone is able to do that. And making money on telling the entire story is also a very good mood. I really am amazed in a good way. I just wish she was a bit stronger this time and try to resist all the temptations the adult life has brought to her in order to be able to live a normal life, to have a husband and children, as I am sure she dreams about it just like any other normal girl of her age.