Lindsay Lohan to Star ‘Anger Management’ Episode

lindsay-lohan-arrives-at-nozomi-restauran-05 Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan doesn’t stop filling the news these days. After being sentenced to a 90 day locked rehab and some community work she decided to do the work obligation first. Lohan will be a guest star on FX’s Anger Management right before returning to New York to choose a facility to serve her rehab sentence. In this episode Lindsay will play the role of a patient who has some feelings for Dr. Charlie Goodson, her therapist who is played by Charlie Sheen. This won’t be the first time these two work together. They co-starred in Scary Movie 5. The episode starts shooting next week and the premiere is scheduled for April.

In June 2012 Lohan’s car hit a truck in Santa Monica so she was charged with reckless driving and providing false information to the police. Earlier this week she made a plea deal to serve a 90 day rehab in a locked facility that she won’t be allowed to leave for the duration of the sentence. She also agreed on eighteen months of psychotherapy and thirty days of community work. That way Lindsay avoided spending time in jail. She has to find a suitable rehab facility by May 2, as ordered by the court. 0319-lindsay-lohan-booking-tmz-3

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