Lindsay Lohan wants to seduce Prince Harry

lindsay-lohan-4019033 According to a source close to the actress, Lindsay Lohan has a ”huge crush” on Prince Harry. She is dying to meet him and believes that he would fall for her immediately.

The source told National Enquirer magazine: ”Lindsay has always had a huge crush on Prince Harry. She drools over him whenever he’s on TV and goes on and on about how physically perfect he is, how much she loves his accent, and what an amazing match they would be between the sheets. She’s like, ‘if I could just get to meet him one time, I know he’d go for me.”

Lindsay is heading to London soon and she is determined to get in touch with the British royal.

”She’s convinced Harry will eventually fall for her charms The way she sees it, they’re both cut from the same cloth. She really wants to have him as one of her bedpost notches and she’ll do almost anything to make it happen,” the insider added.

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4 responses to “Lindsay Lohan wants to seduce Prince Harry”

  1. Matthew says:

    Oh, this Lindsay Lohan with her pleasures, he desires, wishes and fun in life! I am not surprised she is so self-assured. Well, she is not afraid of the publicity, she likes the black PR and everything connected to lust and dirt! Be humble and modest and men will pay attention to you, dear!

  2. Narine says:

    Awe my God, I feel so soo sorry for Lindsay Lohan I think this girl has lost all of her mind due to the addiction to drugs. Well, and it is no wonder, as we all know that drugs are drying the mind, so what can I say accept the fact that I feel very sorry for her, she already probably dried half of her brain, and eventually the other half that was left is not very smart one, as it is obvious by the things she is saying. Awe wow, she really is a bit crazy if she thinks that Prince Harry would even look at her, that dude comes from a royal family, there most of all they are cherishing traditions and of course reputation, and I believe that Lindsay’s reputation would be not that much breathtaking for the royal family, so of course they would not allow not only Harry dating with Lindsay, but at least meeting her and spending some time with her. Besides that, everyone knows pretty well that Prince Charles, is engaged and pretty happy with his fiancée Cressida Bonas, who is very beautiful and her reputation is perfectly clean, so she is exactly the girl who would make a perfect match for a person from a royal family.

  3. Linda says:

    I guess right after coming back from her visit to London, Lindsay Lohan should head in the direction of her favorite rehab center, as she will not only not get Prince Harry as she is dreaming, but also will surely come back home being heartbroken. Awe I am wondering how silly a woman should be in order to think that after all of the weird and crazy things she has done especially in the public, she would be “welcomed” by the British Royal family, who are known being severe about the right way of things. I do am very sorry for her, probably all the drugs and alcohol she is being consuming for the past few years unstop fully have really affected her ability to think wise and clear. Anyways, the only feeling Lindsay Lohan is provoking to me now is the feeling of gross and sorry at the time, whether it is really possible, lol. The other thing I cannot stop thinking of, is why did she become this way, wasn’t there anyone in her family that could have helped her and not allowing her to go that “down” in her life?

  4. Kat says:

    Who could have ever thought that the always smiling and great child Lindsay Lohan would end up being in the rehab at least once per two months, and that she will become drugs and alcohol addicted? I remember I saw a lot of her movies than I was small, in all of them she was so mischievous and at the same time charming. How did that all happened to her? I guess she just didn’t had the right people by her side when she needed them most of all, when I read about stars I often read how they were neglected by their families in the hard times for them, and of how much their families loved them than they were on the top of music or cinema charts. That is so fu***d up. Hold on Lindsay, maybe you will have the chance to meet Prince Harry, but I am perfectly sure that there will not go anything more than that, as the Royal family who stands behind Harry would never allow him being with a girl who was addicted to drugs.