Lindsay Lohan’s laptop stolen

lindsay-lohan-z100-jingle-ball-at-msg_3998243 During her visit to Shanghai, Lindsay Lohan’s laptop was stolen and she now offers a reward for return.

The actress visited China for the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards and her laptop was taken from the airport.

Lohan tweeted: “It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport…offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it. xo L.”

Reportedly, the stolen laptop contains some private correspondence as well as lots of photos Lindsay doesn’t want to share with the world.

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan’s laptop stolen”

  1. Marius says:

    Lindsay looks good disregards her abuses. I hope she is clear now, but it hard to believe. There is no smoke without fire. Still, it is very sad her lap top was stolen. Someone will make profit on it anyways. I believe the profit with selling her photos and correspondences on-line will cost more than Lindsay will ever pay for it, but who knows? Still, I do not like when someone‘s dirty clothes are shown to the public. Makes sense?