Lindsay Lohan’s rehab facility recommends court ordered therapy

lindsay_lohan_651052 Shawn Holley, Lindsay Lohan’s attorney says the actress is doing great after leaving rehab. The actress completed her court ordered 90-day rehab and left the Cliffside drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Malibu, California, Tuesday afternoon (July 30).

Her attorney insists that Lindsay is determined to clean up her act for good and said: ”It was Lindsay’s idea to have a sober coach with her. She is doing well. She is so positive and wants to get her life on the right track.”

Lindsay Lohan on the Letterman ShowHowever, this is not the end of the therapy for the troubled actress. Richard Taite, the founder of the Cliffside rehab center, has suggested the 27-year-old actress needs 50 minute sessions working with councilors, three times a week. Taite suggests this should be continued for a period of 18 months. He also said that “if these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set up for almost certain failure”, according to a letter acquired by TMZ.

Lindsay’s father Michael says he is ”very proud” of his daughter for completing rehab. He said: ”I’m very, very proud of what she’s accomplished, how far she’s come and how seriously she’s taking her sobriety and her future.”

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