Lisa Kudrow faces ex-manager in court

lisa Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow showed up in court in Santa Monica, California on Thursday to testify against her ex-manager, Scott Howard.

The actress is being sued by Scott, who claims he is owed money on her earnings since they parted ways in 2007. Lisa’s former manager is suing her for $1.7 million, claiming that the actress owes him a percentage of what she earns from re-runs of Friends.

Scott worked with Lisa for 16 years from 1991. The 50-year-old actress says Howard’s entitlement to her earnings ended in 2007, when they stopped working together.

Asked why she fired her manager, she told the court, “I was starting to feel like I didn’t need a manager anymore.”

Howard’s legal action started in 2008 and he claims that a verbal agreement he had with Lisa is legally binding, despite the lack of any written contract.

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6 responses to “Lisa Kudrow faces ex-manager in court”

  1. Helga says:

    I thought we live in the era of papers and technologies were the words do not mean much, but the court is of different opinion. Now, this is really interesting. I wonder what the court decision will be. This is a very interesting case and I will be following it.

  2. Mona says:

    I also thought that we were living in a bureaucracy age where only the papers and signed contracts play any role that is why even the rights for the songs and inventions are being reserved. I am glad though the justice can flourish, but h is the witness of their mutual word agreement? Many people today want to get the money benefiting from others an dare ready for many lies to reach their goals. I hop that the court won’t make a mistake.

  3. Caroline says:

    Yeah, aha that’s right! Sure! The verbal contract is legal; I am just being sarcastic here. What is wrong with the guy, I am sure that during all those years he was Lisa Kudrow’s manager he managed to earn a lot of money, why do people are so greedy than it comes to money, can’t he accept and be thankful for the money he was getting from her all those years, while basically he was not doing that much work as she was doing. It is a myth that being an actor or actress is so easy, and it is a piece of cake, it really is not, it is a huge day to day work, as the actors are usually getting ready for each new role they are performing, they are learning new languages, or working out hard, or they go to the hospitals and spend time with the ill people, if they are supposed to perform same kind of disease for example, and I am pretty sure that it is a huge responsibility as well as moral and psychological pressure that they are going through. And all this time while filming they are being away from their family and friends, as a result that often leads to a collapse of the family and divorce. So it is not easy at all to be an actor, while it is very easy to be a manager of an actor, especially if the actor is a successful one. It is very good that Lisa is taking part in the court and is defending her own rights by not giving anything to that rat manager. Shame on him for being so greedy!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I just love Lisa Kudrow all since the “Friends” times, she is such a dork in that TV show, at the beginning I hated her character as I thought that everyone in this show is so right, while she is being so stupid and is the one in plus, but the more I was watching the show the more I was realizing that she really is a very needed ingredient in the show, and without her there wouldn’t be that much fun anymore. I cannot even say how happy I am that this TV show exists, I have watched it for hundreds of times already, but still am able to find something new for myself each time I am watching it from all over. Of course Lisa is not my favorite character, but still she is a great one. Most of all I loved Jennifer Aniston’s performance in the show, have no idea why though, I guess mostly because she is same as I am, I mean her character is same as I am, as she always does everything that her heart is saying to her, she is not afraid to be who she wants to be, and who doesn’t care about the fortune of her father and is ready to follow her own dreams even if starting her way in the employment stuff as a waitress, awe Gosh I wish she brought me coffee in some perk. I am wondering if after this show all of those six guys have managed to stay friends and really be there for each other in the case of need.

  5. Rosie says:

    Greedy asshole, what it is not enough all the money he already done while being her manager? She has worked her a** hard in order to become the actress she is nowadays, while he was sitting in his chair and doing nothing, and now that he heard that the “Friends” TV show is will gather again for a movie he wants a share. Seriously, what kind of sneaky person you need to be in order to act in such a way. It is very good that Lisa Kudrow has gone to the court and is not giving up on the truth. I am sure that many actors would give up on the court and give to their ex managers all they want in order to avoid all the media drama, as all the tabloids and newspapers of course will write about it showing both of them in good or bad “lighting”, but still I think it is a good thing that Lisa is so stubborn, and not one of those “chickens” who would rather give anything in order to keep themselves safe in the little world created by themselves.

  6. Lana says:

    I respect Lisa Kudrow for not giving up on truth and going to the court in order to show this bad person to the entire world. I think he is a thief, as he is trying to put his arm on the things that do not belong to him at all. Not to mention the fact that he wants almost two millions of dollars, I would like to know for what does he wants all of those money, what did he done in order to earn them, I guess I could probably list the things that Lisa did in order to earn those money, but I cannot surely say anything positive about that guy.