Liv Tyler dating David Beckham’s friend

liv-tyler Liv Tyler is reportedly dating David Beckham’s best friend Dave Gardner. The couple was set up by Kate Moss.

A source told The Sun: ”This is the real deal. Dave and Liv are madly in love. They mix in the same circles because Dave hangs out a lot with a group that includes Kate and Stella McCartney.

”Kate ended up bigging up Dave to Liv as she thought they’d make a great couple. Liv trusts Kate so was prepared to give things a go but everyone is surprised by how serious they’ve become so quickly.”

Liv and Dve are both divorced and their kids are the same age. ”They’ve actually been an item for quite a long time but have gone to great lengths to keep it a secret so they can just go about and do normal things together. They have a child the same age which is ideal. They’re at a similar place in their lives and ready to settle down with the right person,” the source added.

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