Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu – one of the few Hollywood actresses who can easily get role in any average thriller. She is familiar with the Indonesian fighting techniques, mountain climbing, and toured wild mustangs, even on camera she can put up a fight even with Antonio Banderas. It’s no wonder that men treat her with caution.

Nevertheless Lucy can be understood. It is hard trying to distance herself from being a “strong girls”, which with one stroke can put out four people. Ever since the “Redemption” by Brian Helgeland – one of her first movies – Liu was perceived as a , “dominatrix” perfect villain with an atypical appearance. Although it is unlikely that the laws of Hollywood would change: She will always be treated as a female version of Jackie Chan.

Nevertheless, Lucy Alexis Liu was born in New York City in the Italian part of the city called Kiuns, although her family was among the Chinese immigrants. Her parents got it pretty well covered (father engineer, mother a biochemist). The children in Lucy’s family were raised in accordance with the strict canons of the Orient. After school, Lucy was admitted to the New York University, where she studied Chinese literature and language. There she was faced with racism and was forced to transfer to the University of Michigan.

To defend herself, she learned to fight – and not just with her fists, but by the rules of the ancient Indonesian combat “Kali-Escrima-Silat (with knives and sticks).”Undoubtedly, martial arts – a special form of creativity – she said – which requires constant discipline and dedication.” Nevertheless, her dedications to the martial arts were assessed, for example, Jackie Chan, who invited her to star in the movie «Shanghai Noon”. Given that Jackie is not too fond of his colleagues not to mention women, we can assume that was Lucy indeed awarded with a special honor. In her next movie, “Charlie Chan” She already got to play the head of the criminal clan, and will voiced Sensei Viper in the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” – There were no other candidates for this role.

Do not think that Lucy Liu is just an “Action – Heroine” She is able to present to her fans with big surprise. Did you know that for example she plays the accordion and speaks fluent Italian? Loves vintage clothing and sweet, “powdery” scents? That she is entitled on of the sexiest women in the world (this is not surprising), and her exotic beauty is compared with the beauty of Devon Aoki and Tia Carrere!

She was attributed to the novels of George Clooney and actor Will McCormack, but it is known for a fact that she was dating for one whole year and even got to be on a weeding invited by screenwriter Zach Helm. But, alas, the couple parted, without agreeing on a wedding. Still, strong women are often unlucky in his personal life. Maybe it’s time to change her tastes from «blood” to “love”? Especially that love and martial arts have something in common: the same discipline and dedication.



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