Maggie Gyllenhaal: I’d be rich English playgirl in ‘Downtown Abbey’

Actor Maggie Gyllenhaal

Being a fan of Downton Abbey, Maggie Gyllenhaal would love to see herself in the popular drama and she has some ideas about what kind of character she would play.

She told The Sun: ”I love Downton. I would totally love to be in it. But I don’t know how I would fit in. There is this parlor game where people say who they would be and a friend said she would of course be Lady Mary. She said I would be the cousin who sleeps with everybody! A rich English playgirl!”

Meanwhile Maggie has filmed a new BBC2 spy drama called The Honorable Woman. The actress admits she was blown away with the script.

She said: ”I chose this because of the script. I had never read a script with a woman like this. I thought I was going to trust it. I have never been more proud of anything I have ever worked on.”

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