Marc Jacobs’ photographer refused to shoot Miley Cyrus

MileyAlbum1 Marc Jacobs’ longtime photographer Juergen Teller doesn’t want to work with Miley Cyrus.

The singer was named the new face for the spring (14) collection for the company but the experienced photographer refused to shoot her for the campaign.

Jacobs tells, “I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist. He just didn’t want to shoot her.”

However, the designer himself says he loves working with Miley. “We all just love her and her entire being, her energy, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural,” he added.

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3 responses to “Marc Jacobs’ photographer refused to shoot Miley Cyrus”

  1. Mark says:

    If Miley is so good, natural and easy to work with and natural why the famous photographer refused to work with her? I bet Mark Jacobs is hiding something form the publicity I believe she is the bitch and this was told by many photographers that claim Miley thinks of herself as diva and definitely has a star disease. So, I believe this was the reason why Jurgen Teller has refused to work with her.

  2. Lolita2 says:

    No wonder that Juergen Teller has refused working with Miley, I remember when she was only beginning her carrier she was such a modest and naïve child. She used to watch everything around her with wide open eyes, and while looking at her face I had the feeling that she was thinking “awe my God it is not happening to me, it just cannot happen to me, I feel so happy “. While now, she started following the example of other spoilt with fame girls such as: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton and is acting not in a very decent way. Maybe she is just going through some hard times or it is the so called star disease, but I do hope that the good and genuine part of her will win and she will be able to get back to the person that she really is.

  3. Courtney says:

    I do not like Miley Cyrus I think she is a spoilt child, and she gets everything she wants too easy, instead of working hard upon it, as the other stars before her were doing. I am afraid that if she will continue behaving like this than one day she will find herself in the same condition as Lindsay Lohan is right now, and I guess it will be a total disaster for her and her family. So my advice is “pull yourself together girl and remember the girl you really are and were before you became a star”.