Mariah Carey paid $1m for dictator show

mariah-carey-rockefeller-center-christmas-tree-lighting_3980821 Angolan dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos reportedly paid Mariah Carey $1 million to perform for him.

Human Rights Foundation blasted the singer for singing for the man who has been accused of abusing his power and executing his opponents. But Mariah’s manager, Jermaine Dupri, thinks there’s nothing wrong with performing for the Angolan leader.

Dupri told New York Post: ”I don’t feel like we have done anything wrong. The president of the United States took pictures with this guy’s daughter and congratulated this man on his many years of being in office. If he can rub shoulders with these people than why is Mariah Carey being accused of doing something wrong?”

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One response to “Mariah Carey paid $1m for dictator show”

  1. Anthony says:

    Well, I wished I could be so rich to invite Mariah Carey to perform for me. She is definitely a great singer. When I listen to her songs, I have shivers allover my vertebrae. She has a very powerful voice and very prominent style. I simply adore her! I wish I were a millionaire!