Marisa Tomei: I’m too old to play Lady Gaga in a movie


Although she is flattered by Lady Gaga’s idea to play her in a movie, Marisa Tomei says she is too old to play the 28-year-old singer if there is ever a film made about her life.

Asked if she would consider the offer, the 46-year-old star told The View: ”I was so flattered and I couldn’t believe she said that. But I was thinking, ‘What kind of movie?’ Is it going to be some avant-garde thing where she goes back in time or I would play her older than she actually is? I don’t understand, is it a ‘Benjamin Button’ thing?”

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One response to “Marisa Tomei: I’m too old to play Lady Gaga in a movie”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Maris Tomei looks very close to Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga definitely looks older then her age I wouldn’t never have thought she is 28, she looks far more older to my eyes. Still, maybe this effect is achieved by too much artistic make up. I am not sure of that. I believe a Benjamin Button thing with Lady Gaga is a nice way to present a movie if Maris Tomei gets a leading role.