Mark Wahlberg: Doing stunts doesn’t make you tough


Being an ”adrenalin junkie”, Mark Wahlberg is happy to do his own stunts, but he doesn’t think it makes him tough and he hates it when actors talk about it.

He told Loaded magazine: ”I do my own stunts, I was an adrenalin junkie when I was young but it annoys me when actors talk about how badass they think they are doing their own stunts. These are the guys who spend an hour in the make-up chair and another hour looking at themselves in the mirror. You wanna see tough? Go to prison.”

However, he admits that working on Transformers: Age of Extinction was a bit scary.

mark-wahlberg-transformersHe explained: ”Every day brought something new. You’re running along a 19th floor terrace on a ledge. You’re on a little wire and, OK, you’re not gonna fall to your death, but when you fall you smack up the side of the building and people are throwing stuff at you and you’re running and people are screaming and Michael wants you throwing stuff at people. It’s pretty scary at times.”

Wahlberg has also admitted that he was really bothered by some of the shooting equipment.

He said: ”There was a camera rig on my car. It came from Germany and had never been used before. And I got this camera like a robot that does all these cool moves but the f**ing thing keeps smashing into me. And Michael Bay was like, ‘This shot is awesome!’ ”

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