Mark Wahlberg drops 61 pounds for role


Preparing for his role in The Gambler, Mark Wahlberg has dramatically changed his diet in order to slim down.

The actor wanted to lose weight so he has given up lots of things and changed his training regime.

He told People magazine: ”I started at 196 and got down to 135 … I began with a liquid diet. Then I completely changed my training program and gave up wine, bread and pasta. Now I’m eating small portions of protein throughout the day and jumping rope a lot. Everyone is trying to get me to stay thin now.”

The Gambler is set to hit theaters next year.

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4 responses to “Mark Wahlberg drops 61 pounds for role”

  1. Ted Ronan says:

    I have a deep respect to the actors, who drop and gain weight for the new roles n the movies. This requires so much will power and commitment to the job you do. Besides this it is a great stress of the body and organism in general and can cause many diseases. It is not healthy to shed kilos that fast as Mark Wahlberg did. I hope he doesn’t follow Tom Hanks, who has gained diabetes due to his drastic weight changes. I still want to see mark in his new shape and I am sure he will look just great. I love the movies with his playa and I am looking forward to the release of ‘The Gambler’ next year.

  2. Inna says:

    Ha ha, there you go Mark Wahlberg, I am pretty glad that they made you slim that much, I mean don’t get me wrong, it is not because I dislike you in person or something, but it is because you are a man who doesn’t really know what it feels like to be a woman, as usually women are the ones who are endlessly on all sorts of diets, which changes our mood, our behavior and so on, but men are not really much into it, as a result they do not understand women, as well as they are not really into helping and supporting their women during the time they decided to lose some weight and look better for their man. There is no woman in the world probably whom would decide to get slim for herself, no usually there is always another reason behind that, such as a new man she likes, or the old one she wants to piss off by showing how great she looks and feels without him.

  3. Dahlia says:

    Wow, sixty one pound is a significant weight loss, especially for a man, and I have no idea how Mark looks like right now, as usually he never had any overweight, at least it looked so. Maybe he gained some lately. Well anyways he still stays one of my favorite actors, and I guess it is a good thing that they made him losing some weight as gaining some weight is much more difficult, as it is easy to get it, but very hard to get rid of later, I know it for sure as I have been there, I am a woman as well, and I noticed that the older I get the more difficult to lose weight is. Hopefully he will not turn into Matthew McConaughey who lately drops a huge amount of weight, and honestly speaking those made him look awful, as his face became ten-fifteen years older after that, and I really hate that, as I used to love him as an actor, but now his look is terrifying me.

  4. Katherine says:

    I have no idea why did they made Mark Wahlberg slim that much, as he is not that super big in order to do that, awe well producers know better, and probably it really is some great movie as he accepted to. Anyways Mark is a good man, and I really hope that the new movie will become a great success for him. I remember I read a lot of articles about him, and I enjoyed most of all the fact that he is such a caring father, I guess this is the most important feature in a man, it is his ability to be a good father who is worried about his children all the time. I am wondering if he will allow his children to watch the movies he performed in, and in this case how he will explain them why he is kissing that other lady who doesn’t look like their mother at all.