Mark Wahlberg jealous of One Direction

mark_wahlberg_705390 Appearing on Conan O’Brien’s show, Mark Wahlberg admitted he was jealous of One Direction and said he would love to punch Harry Styles in the nose.

The actor doesn’t like it that his daughters Ella and Grace are such huge fans of the popular band.

”The girls have turned to One Direction, and it’s like they don’t care about dad anymore,” Mark said.  ”My four year old says, ‘Daddy, I like Harry.’ She pulls out pictures of him, and she’s hiding pictures in the room, and I pretend that I’m gonna rip them up and I get jealous. But if I see that little p***k, he’s gonna get it.”

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4 responses to “Mark Wahlberg jealous of One Direction”

  1. Miranda says:

    If I got in the same situation as Mark Wahlberg, I would do the same, have same emotions. I know the interview was given kiddingly, but still it is unpleasant when your kids are no longer your fans. To my mind mark is the best. I love, you, dear, keep it up!

  2. Mariana says:

    I can understand mark’s feelings. Ever dada wants to be admired by his kids and definitely wants his creative work to be appreciated. Still, he has got love of his family anyways being a great family man and a dad. I hope his jealousy is just a pretend to tease his kids, anyways.)

  3. Lynette says:

    Wow I was always amazed how dads are jealous with everything that is interesting to their daughters in particular and how difficult for them is to realize that they are not a hero number one for them anymore. I think Mark is overreacting, and I am sure that he is number one in heart and soul for his little princesses. And now after seeing how explosive is his character I realize that his daughters probably will have a very hard time in the future when they will be presenting their boyfriends to the father, as he will be smashing the heads of those poor boys with one single glimpse to their eyes, lol. If honestly speaking, I think I feel a little jealous, as my dad never reacted like this on any of the things I felt passionate for, maybe he didn’t really care, or was too busy with his own concerns. Anyways, I wish luck to Mark, and probably I would suggest buying the book “Anger Management” as soon as possible)).

  4. Nanna says:

    Mark, as a father of three girls I should tell you that this is only the beginning, and later you will feel more and more betrayed by those little monsters that you have created. My girls became so sneaky and mischievous after they realized that I am jealous on some things they are passionate about that they started doing things on purpose in order to make me more and more nervous, but luckily my wife has revealed their small “evil” plan to me, and now I am all armored. So good luck bro, the more they will grow up the smarter they will be, and someday you will have to get to the worst discover ever, your little princesses have grow up.