Mark Wahlberg’s mother rules with ‘iron fist’


Wahlburgers is the new A&E reality show about Donnie and Mark Wahlberg‘s efforts to help their brother Paul with his restaurant. Their mother Alma also stars in the reality and the viewers will see how this tough woman rules the family.

“None of us do anything without our mama’s backing,” Donnie emphasizes at one point. “She is the matriarch, she is the guiding light, man.”

Mark said: “My mother tries to rule with an iron fist. We’re all supportive of one another, yet competitive. We all bust each other’s chops, but if anybody else tries to, you’ll be ganged up on by all of us.”

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One response to “Mark Wahlberg’s mother rules with ‘iron fist’”

  1. Patrick says:

    Mark Wahlberg must be grateful to such a mother and what she has brought up in him. She is the one who has led him to the success and stage of life he is at now. So, I am for matriarchate when a mother is a great as Wahlberg’s.