Martin Scorsese tkankful to Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo-dicaprio-martin-scorsese-lacma-2013-art-and_3934165 Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Martin Scorsese credited Leonardo DiCaprio for reviving his passion for filmmaking.

The famous director admitted he had lost his enthusiasm at some point, but working with Leo gave him new inspiration.

”Working together reignited my enthusiasm for making pictures. There’s always something more, there’s always more to mine with him. He keeps going deeper and deeper,” Scorsese said.

”By the time we made The Aviator, I had made films for, like, 35 years. And it was a matter of, what would I want to spend my time on? And, getting older, what do you have to say? Is it worth spending the time and going through the process? It takes a year-and-a-half to two years of my life each time. Leo’s enjoyment of the work and the ability to take chances made me excited again. And Aviator was the one where he pulled me back in, and I said, ‘Oh yeah, I’m interested.’ ”

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One response to “Martin Scorsese tkankful to Leonardo DiCaprio”

  1. Dereck says:

    I believe that such talented Hollywood actor as Leonardo DiCaprio can inspire even a dead man for filmmaking. I am happy that with his help Martin Scorsese has revived back the passion to film making. Martin is a famous film director and I like most of his movies, so I would be happy to see even more. It is great when people do what they should do and filmmaking is definitely Martin’s Vocation.