Martin Sheen to receive Lifetime Achievement Award in Dubai

sheen-1_original Veteran actor Martin Sheen will be honored at the Dubai International Film Festival for his rich movie career. Sheen will receive a lifetime achievement award at the opening ceremony in December.

“This esteemed recognition inspires me to continue doing what I love most – telling stories through the art of cinema. I am very much looking forward to visiting Dubai in December and being immersed in the region’s blossoming film industry,” the actor said.

Diff chairman Abdulhamid Juma added: “We are honored to present Martin Sheen with the Diff lifetime achievement award and we look forward to welcoming him to Dubai.”

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One response to “Martin Sheen to receive Lifetime Achievement Award in Dubai”

  1. Idan says:

    For those looking for some context, Martin Sheen has joined and protested for all sorts of left-wing causes, including against Israel, which is probably a big reason why he’s getting this award. Meanwhile, Dubai is an unelected monarchy, where Islam is the official religion and only recipient of government funds; the only religion allowed to proselytize, censorship of the media, homosexuality is punished harshly, exploits legions of foreign peons forced to work extra hours at below advertised wages or none at all, etc.