Matt Prokop and Amanda Bynes in new Twitter war

Prokop049 Modern Family star Matt Prokop has joined the list of celebrities who got into an online conflict with Amanda Bynes.

Matt got irritated by Amanda’s tweet that said: “If you’re not hot I don’t care about you.” The 22-year-old actor replied: “‘If you’re not hot I don’t care about you…’ look in a mirror… Stop getting work done. Save what’s left.” Now, this really inflamed Amanda so she started writing about Prokop’s girlfriend and co-star Sarah Hyland, saying she had an “ugly face”.

AmandaBynesBrilliantOrBananasThe statement hit a nerve and Matt wrote: “My girl is more successful than you ever will be… enjoy the long road downhill disgusting crack head… It’s sad Amanda Bynes was a child actress who kids looked up to. Now she’s just a lost soul in a plastic face. Get help.” Amanda replied: “I like her ugly face! She isn’t as pretty as me! You need to put up two comparable professional photos! She’s not a model I am… also new pics because surgery helps me! I need more to make my nose smaller! I’ll put our pics side by side to prove my point!”

Matt ended the fight, writing: “Stop getting work. You were beautiful. Me and Sarah looked up to you. Now you are looking more like a adult movie star.”

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