Matthew Mcconaughey: Gaining weight is not easy

matthew-mcconaughey-gq-men-of-the-year_3952193 Preparing for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey had to lose 50 pounds, as he plays an Aids sufferer in the movie.

He has been working hard to regain his weight ever since the filming ended and he realized that piling on the pounds isn’t that easy.

The actor told, “I gained 45 (pounds) of them back. The gaining was trickier than the losing. It’s more fun, but it’s also trickier. The first big meal that you eat, your body remembers that it lived at 182 pounds and it wants to sprint back and you have to pull the reigns and go, ‘Woah! We gotta take it easy.’ It’s a marathon.”

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One response to “Matthew Mcconaughey: Gaining weight is not easy”

  1. Alice says:

    I do not like when the actors have to play with their weight for the roles. I understand this is a side effect of the job , but it is not healthy and can cause diabetes as it happen to Tom Hanks. Look at Matthew he looks just ugly being so thin, indeed like an AIDS sufferer. I hope he gains all his pounds back as he looked just awesome then, not fat, but a great man in a great body. Being too slim is ugly, especially for the man. IMHO!