Megan Fox gives birth to a baby boy

megan-fox-brian-austin-gree Hollywood couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have welcomed their second child – a baby boy.

Megan gave birth to their second son on Thursday, as TooFab reports.

They already have a one-year-old son, Noah, and Fox is step-mum to 12-year-old Kassius from Green’s past relationship with Vanessa Marcil.

They have not released the new baby’s name yet, and no other details are known at this time.

Back in November, Megan told ABC news that her pregnancy was rough at first. ”I’ve had rough first trimesters. But once you get into the second, it’s fine after that,” she admitted. When asked how the two pregnancies differed, the Transformers star added “I don’t have time to think about it, I have a 1-year-old running around. And then when you’re working like 16 hours a day, there’s no time for you at all.”

Congratulations to the happy family!

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4 responses to “Megan Fox gives birth to a baby boy”

  1. Carlos says:

    Congratulations to the happy family, indeed! They make beautiful babies. The couple is very beautiful and talented, so the kids would be. I hope the next for the couple is the girl to dissolve the male company a bit. I am very glad to see a very happy Megan Fox. I am happy she is done with her wild partying life and is happy in her family.

  2. Amy says:

    Actually I always thought that Megan Fox is a bi**h at least that is exactly the image she was always showing in front of the cameras and society. And honestly speaking I do not like this kind of women, as they are the ones who make men around them suffering, and those men while suffering turn into bad ones, who later are making suffer all the women around them, which is not good at all. Well that is what I thought about her before, but now that I see she is not only a mother of one child, but recently gave birth to the second one, that is heck of surprising to me, as she seemed to be so stuck on her body and sexuality, while pregnancies usually are not very helpful when it comes to stay fit and desirable. Probably her husband loves her very much and she loves him a lot, if she really took this step. Mmm, every time I think that I saw enough in my life and there cannot be anything that will surprise me in the nearest future, bammm I find something new for myself. Life is so fu****g good and amazing.

  3. Jareda says:

    Wow, I am so happy for Megan Fox, I love her in all the movies there she performs, yeah , yeah I know that she creates the image of a heartbreaker who is concerned only about herself, but hey from the other side that is the person she really is. I love the way she is expressing herself, she is proud of what she is, and I like that, she doesn’t care what people will think about her, as long as she is being herself, and is not up for any kind of rumors or talking about people behind their back. I am happy for her, and for the fact that she was able to find a man for herself who is equally good, and who is taking perfect care of her. Two babies already, really? I am so proud of her, as she is a bad girl who met an awesome man and became good after that. I hope one day I will meet same good man and when I will I will born four babies for him.

  4. Darla says:

    Megan Fox has born the second child, that is quite surprising news, if not shocking I would even say. When the hell did she managed to born the first one? I am very happy for her, all this time I was thinking where the heck did she disappeared, and now I understand what has kept her away from Hollywood and cinema itself, now I see what has kept her busy))).And my personal opinion that this is the most wonderful and decent reason of being away from anything for every woman. I am happy for Megan, as she has done the right choice. The keyword for each successful and everlasting marriage is putting the family on the top of all priorities, not carrier, not sports, not music but family. This is the secret of happy marriage, and unfortunately the majority of Hollywood stars have no clue about that, that is why they keep destroying their families and all the good things that they have, and I am wondering by the end of their life, will their carrier matter to them than much, as it was when they were losing their family?