Megan Fox won’t let sons date until they are 25

Megan+Fox Even though her sons are only 22 and 5 months old, Megan Fox is already thinking about their love lives and says she won’t let them anywhere near girls until they are 25.

The actress says her kids will grow up to ”hate” her because she’ll keep them from dating for so long.

She told Access Hollywood: ”My kids aren’t going to go to dances where they’re next to girls. Are you kidding me? No girls! Not until they’re 25 or something. I’m going to try and keep them in the house – they’re going to hate me!”

Megan has also revealed her plan to keep her sons living with her forever.

She joked: ”Kids grow up and don’t think their parents are cool at a certain age. My whole thing is to keep that from happening because I want both of my sons to live in my house forever – till the day that I die! I’m trying to convince them I’m the best, most awesome mum ever.”

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