Melissa McCarthy injured Michael McDonald during shoot

melissa For Michael McDonald filming The Heat wasn’t all fun. In one scene, Melissa McCarthy throws a phone book at him and shooting it didn’t go as planned. Melissa hit Michael so hard that everybody thought his nose was broken.

He said: “I could have sworn my nose was broken. When we rehearsed it, McCarthy was six feet away, but when we shot it, she was like two feet away. So she threw it and it was like, ‘Boom!’ It came so hard and so fast.”

melissa-mccarthy-600After the incident, “Everyone, including Melissa and me, was thinking that my nose was broken,” he says. “We weren’t sure. And all I could think of was, ‘Nobody break. Nobody laugh. Because I only want to do this once.’ She was like, ‘Oh, my god!'” Michael recalls. “She ran over so fast to see if I was all right that she slid on the phone book on the floor and then everybody just ran to Melissa, of course.” He added, with a laugh: “So there you have it. I knew where I stood. I knew where I ranked.”

The Heat opens in theaters on Friday.

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