Melissa McCarthy: Top designers refused to make Oscar dress for me


In an interview with the July edition of Redbook magazine, Melissa McCarthy spoke about her clothing line. The actress, who doesn’t have typical Hollywood body figure, got tired of being snubbed by designers and lack of fashionable pieces for plus-size women and decided to do something about that.

“Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me,” she reveals.

“I asked five or six designers. Very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people, and they all said no.”

This inspired Melissa to start her own clothing line.

“When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed,” she added.

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3 responses to “Melissa McCarthy: Top designers refused to make Oscar dress for me”

  1. Lina says:

    I can only imagine how hard it is for women like Melissa McCarthy to find clothes for theirselves, and i am sure it is an awesome idea to start a designer clothing line for herself and people who are plus size as she is. While reading this article i got the ide that no matter the fact she is a plus size woman, nevertheless she still looks very well, and doesn’t revoke the feeling of disgusting while watching her on the screen. In fact i can say that although i hate obesive people, i can surely say that i do sympathize this specific actress! Probably it is due to the power of her soul which she shows practically in all the movies where she appears. I wish there were more that charming people as Melissa in this world.

  2. Ellie says:

    I think Melissa should have sued those designers for acting like that with her, i know that in the world of commerce there is only one rule, no matter how much complaining the client is, he is always right, no matter how big he is. I find it very disspointing that in our today society people are able to act like this with each other, and such things as age, gender, weight, ethnical issues or skin color matter for other people more than their soul and character, for me the most important thing another personal is its kindness and the way this person treats another people around! I guess i would never be able to communicate with people who are meant towards each other, especially if without any good reason for it. I wish Melissa made public the list of designers who turned her down.

  3. Nola says:

    I can’t wait to see Melissa’s personal clothing line, as i am a fidel fan of her talent, i can say that i would enjoy seeing some other ways of her talent being spread around. I noticed that in this article was written that the first few times she was turned off while asking for a dress, so i wonder does it mean that as soon as she became popular there were already were some designers who were willing to make a dress for her? Anyways i would like to wish Melissa lots of luck in what she is doing, as for me it is a great pleasure to watch each new movie in which she is performing,and i do hope that there will be more and more of them in the nearest future, i guess some people were just born to be loved and succesful no matter what, and i can gladly say that Melissa is one of them!