Melissa Mccarthy wanted to be a drag queen


When she was a teenager, Melissa Mccarthy wanted to be a drag queen. She used to visit a gay bar, called Berlin, in Chicago and fell in love with the culture and she has revealed she still has a lot of wigs.

“I wanted to be a drag queen so badly. I’ll bet I still own more wigs than any drag queen,” the actress tells The Advocate magazine.

“I remember being undressed and then redressed by two drag queens up on a pillar (at Berlin), and at the end I looked like (actress) Bea Arthur. It was just my world. I was a little odd, and I found them to be the most accepting group.


“We were a band of outsiders who went downtown and realized, ‘Oh, we’re all right’. There were tons of creative people doing their thing.”

Speaking to the magazine, Melissa has also revealed she previously dated a few gay men.

She said: “In my early 20s, I was like the last stop before a guy said, ‘Yep, it’s official – I’m gay’. I’d be like, ‘Really?’ I’d think, ‘But he’s so funny, so charming, and such a good dresser. I never saw it coming’.”

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One response to “Melissa Mccarthy wanted to be a drag queen”

  1. Lois says:

    I have a girl crush on Melissa McCarthy. She’s so comfortable with herself, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Too many actresses are so unhappy with themselves that they butcher their faces with plastic surgery and botox; unhappy with their bodies that they starve themselves down to skin and bones, then get breast implants; beg to be taken seriously, and then pose for photos wearing little or no clothes in a desperate attempt for validation of their desirability. Melissa is better role model than her cousin Jenny, the plastic surgery enhanced nude model, and autism “expert.”