Michael Caine: My Father Thought I Was Gay

michaelCaine_1546659c Michael Caine grew up in South London in a working-class family (his father was a fish market porter and his mother was a charlady) and back then it wasn’t that common for heterosexual men to enter the acting business. That’s why when Michael told his father he was going to become an actor, he thought his son was gay.

80-year-old star told Esquire magazine: ”My dad was a Billingsgate fish market porter. When I told him that I was going to be an actor he never said a word but I saw his face and thought, he thinks I’m gay. The theater in those days was very gay. But I wasn’t.”

Talking about his growing up Caine said he was an introverted child.  ”I was the shyest child. If strangers came into the house I’d hide behind the curtains and wouldn’t come out until they’d gone,” the actor revealed.

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