Michael Lohan wanted to kill Lindsay’s assistant

7348b7598020946c47d7b240fa09a841 Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s father claims that his daughter started using cocaine when she was 18 and that that was the first time she overdosed.

Lindsay recently said that she first tried cocaine when she was 21, but her father revealed that she took the drug on the set of Just My Luck in 2005 and he wanted to kill the assistant who gave it to her. Michael said: ”Lindsay was filming in New Orleans and I got a call saying she had overdosed on cocaine. One of her assistants had given her the drug. I was so angry I got a gun from the house and planned to go New Orleans to kill him. I couldn’t believe that had happened to my daughter. I was just so angry.”

Speaking about Lindsay’s rehab, her father added: ”If Lindsay does relapse, then I think it will be over for her with Hollywood.”

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