Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to wed in registry office

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Now that Mila Kunis is pregnant, she and Ashton Kutcher are eager to get married as soon as possible, The Sun reports.

The couple will tie the knot in April in an registry office and there will be no lavish ceremony afterwards.

A source revealed: ”They are planning to get married in LA in April. They just want it to be made legal so are happy with a registry office. Mila, especially, wants it to be very low-key, with just their family there and a BBQ in their garden afterwards. She doesn’t want to do anything showy or over the top.”

Even though they agreed on low-key nuptials, Ashton wants to throw a party later this year to mark their marriage.

The insider added: ”Ashton wants a party for all their friends later in the year in the south of France, which Mila is up for, depending on how they cope with having a baby.”

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4 responses to “Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to wed in registry office”

  1. Talia says:

    Awe wow, they are expecting a baby, I hope that this news is real and not some fantasy or assumption of the media. I am so happy for them, I am sure that they have all the chances in the world to stay in that marriage for good. As they done everything in the proper way, Ashton Kutcher went to Mila’s dad and asked for his blessing and permission to marry his daughter, so everything is very nice. I can only imagine how happy both of them are. In his marriage with Demi Moore, Ashton was a completely different person, he was acting much more serious, and that was an obvious thing, because Demi was elder and he was supposed to correspond with the expectations of the woman who is standing right next to him. Now since he is with Mila, the whole situation has changed completely, I see him smiling on every new picture that is made. And I think that it is due to the fact that he is very happy. The other reason is that I am sure he never even dreamed of having children before that time.

  2. Emma says:

    I knew that Mila Kunis really is different. She doesn’t care about fancy dresses or jewelries, as well as of the parties and other junk. She cares of much more important things in life, such as family and her beloved man. Honestly speaking she has stolen my idea of the perfect marriage with the barbeque on the backyard; there is nothing more pleasant when spending time with the family on the happiest day of your life. I guess every normal woman dreams about it. I read this week for example an article about the other couple that will get marry soon, and it is a completely different type of marriage, as they are planning to get a castle for it. Here are two similar situations, with a completely different attitude towards it. My point is that in this life usually everything works according to what you give is what you get. So if you give yourself more to the guests than to your beloved one, than it is same that you will have in your family.

  3. Marcia says:

    Mmm, is it a baby boom or something? Yesterday I found out that my sister and two of my friends are pregnant, and now that Mila is also pregnant, I am wondering if all this stuff is contagious, because if it is than I am in for it for as much as it will be needed. I am just kidding; I guess I have a too good mood when all I read are some good news. And I love Mila’s idea about their wedding, hmm she really surprised me, honestly speaking after watching movies with her I got the idea that she is the party type of a person, and now I realize that she is a family one. I think it is very cute, and I like that. I would also advise her to have a ceremony later in front of the ocean that would be amazing white dress, bare feet and a long happy life in front of them. That sounds like a awesome plan that needs to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

  4. Elise says:

    Congratulations to the couple with the pregnancy and upcoming wedding. This is love indeed. I am very proud of Mila Kunis that has chosen a private arty for herself and just making their relationship legal. That is all about! The main thing is love and dear and close people nearby. The lavish parties and broadcasting on TV for the entire country and even world in real time like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are planning on having is just throwing a big party and making an event and profit out of the private mystery of joining two hearts. I see Ashton Kutcher wants a party after all a huge party for everyone – well, this is apparent – a natural desire of a man, who used to be a big party animal and the man, who like dot show off.