Miley Cyrus: I want to use my fame for good

miley-cyrus Last year at the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her performance but all the attention also made her aware of the power she has and this year the singer decided to use it to raise awareness about important social issues.

Miley invited 22-year-old Jesse, who was once homeless, to be her date at the VMAs and sent him up onstage to accept her award and give a speech about the struggles of homeless young people.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest about it, Cyrus said: “I just didn’t realize my platform, I didn’t realize my power. I really realized it after the VMAs (last year)… there’s something special and there’s only few people that experience this that no matter what I do, there’s no winning or losing, it’s just going to be talked about. Period.

miley“There’s going to be talk, so what do I want them to talk about? If I’m going to be given this loud of a voice and this big of an image and this big of a platform and this huge of an opportunity to talk to young people in America right now, what am I really trying to say? Because I don’t think what I was trying to say is what happened the year before.”

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