Miley Cyrus won’t be joining The X Factor


The X Factor returns to screens in Britain later this year, but Miley Cyrus won’t be one of the judges, as it was previously speculated.

The show’s creator Simon Cowell has admitted he would be interested to hear what the singer had to say about the contestants, but her representative has denied rumors suggesting she is to join the show.

Speaking to Mirror, Miley’s rep said: “Simon has more chance of getting Elvis or Gandhi as a judge.”

Meanwhile, Cowell has also denied speculation Rihanna is in talks to be one of the judges on the show, saying: “I never spoke to her… I don’t think she’d be available because of her commitments this year.”

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One response to “Miley Cyrus won’t be joining The X Factor”

  1. Laura says:

    The poor thing thinks she is worth more. When her career is dead in a few years and if that horrible show is still running, her mind will change.