Milla Jovovich wants to help people in Ukraine

milla In a post on her Facebook page, Milla Jovovich has spoken out about the street riots in her homeland Ukraine and has vowed to help the helpless.

For the past three months anti-government protesters have flooded the streets of Kiev demanding integration with the European Union. More than 80 protestors were killed and hundreds injured during the riots.

Mila insists she will do everything in her power to raise funds to benefit hospitals and aid workers in the city.

“I have always put my money where my mouth is when it comes to helping people and you better believe I will find out what I can personally do for the victims of the violence in the Ukraine,” the actress wrote.

milla-jovovich-films-scenesMila says she’s been following the tweets of 21-year-old medical volunteer Olesya Zhukovska, who was reportedly shot in the neck by riot police and survived after being treated at a nearby hospital.

“No matter what the reasons for the fighting, innocent people are being brutalized and that is undeniable and unacceptable… I am slowly researching and making my way through …to find the charities that I will personally donate to, as well as, great web sites that talk about what’s really going on in the Ukraine right now,” she added.


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2 responses to “Milla Jovovich wants to help people in Ukraine”

  1. Tayler says:

    What is happening in Ukraine now is terrible. So many innocent people brutalized and killed. People are sock and tired of the corrupted government, who is not interested in well-being of people, but only their pockets. People want more rights and freedom and that is why seek for the European integration. I am very happy to hear that Mila is going to help materially for the country of her origin. It is very pleasant that she doesn’t stay indifferent to the people, who became the victims of the bad government and circumstances.

  2. Tom says:

    I am very happy to hear that Mila Jovovich supports her Ukrainian people even though she is not living in her motherland. Mila is doing a great job helping eth victims of riots that took place in the center of the Ukrainian capital. Ukrainian people want a free life, they are tired of corruption and fighting for their rights they get brutalized and killed. Where is the justice? People, stop it, what are you doing?!!