Minnie Driver still furious over ‘The Riches’ cancellation

minnie-driver Even though it’s been six years since her TV show The Riches was cancelled, Minnie Driver is still angry about that.

Speaking for Michigan News, she said: “It just kills me. It kills me because ideas like that don’t come around very often. It was on hiatus during the U.S. writers’ strike and there was no support when we came back. Everybody had been watching reality television for nine months. When we came back on the air, there was no big campaign to remind people of our presence. I was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe for that. I feel like it wasn’t a pile of rubbish that was meant to be discarded. It’s still galling to all of us.”


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One response to “Minnie Driver still furious over ‘The Riches’ cancellation”

  1. Angie says:

    People are emotional and we cannot control our feelings sometimes and we make plans for life and have great expectations. Still, not everything goes the way we would like it to be. Life is unpredictable and if you really want to make God laugh – tell Him of your plans! This is the same story. Minnie can be angry, but the series are closed for six year, she better let this fury go and do not destroy herself with the negative emotions like that.