Most amazing celebrity body transformations

Whether it is for a role, due to some health issue or just for the sake of looking good, celebrities too have to work hard if they want to change their body image. Some of them go to drastic measures to achieve the changes needed. In order to land roles, these celebs have made unbelievable body transformations.

Jake Gyllenhaal








Jake Gyllenhaal has undergone a dramatic weight loss for his new role in the 2014 film Nightcrawler. The movie is about a young man who stumbles upon the underground world of Los Angeles’ freelance crime journalism. Gyllenhaal told Us Weekly of his character Lou: “I knew that Lou was literally and figuratively hungry.” That being said, the actor revealed he went into a mode where he too was “always a bit hungry.”

Adrien Brody








He lost 30 pounds in six weeks, going from 160 to 130 pounds for one movie, and packed on 25 pounds of muscle for another. Before 2002’s The Pianist he was told to “lose as much weight as you possibly can.” It paid off when he became the youngest actor to ever win a Best Actor Oscar for the role. Eight years later, he did the opposite when he gained 25 pounds of muscle to play Royce in Predators. He ran two miles every day, did crunches, pushups and pull-ups, but eliminating “sugar, booze, and love” is the real secret, he says.

Charlize Theron








Another full body transformation, another Oscar winner. For the movie Monster, Charlize Theron not only gained 30 pounds, but had her hair professionally damaged, her eyebrows shaved and bleached, wore fake teeth, and underwent hours of makeup to transform into real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

Chris Pratt








Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt plays one of the members of Seal Team Six (the elite group of soldiers who eliminated Osama bin Laden) in Zero Dark Thirty and revealed on Conan that he put his body through the wringer in order to look like one of these super soldiers. “I’ve always been a little soft, I like to eat and I don’t like crunches. I had about five or six months and I really busted my ass to get in good shape,” Pratt said. But, the actor’s abs were short-lived as he revealed, “Almost immediately after I wrapped that movie, I gained 60 pounds to play a role in another movie. I’m kind of like a fatass now. I have a little extra belly going on.”

Anne Hathaway








Anne Hathaway told Vogue magazine that she dropped 25 pounds for her role as the prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables. “Looking back on the whole experience – and I don’t judge it in any way – it was definitely a little nuts,” she said of the extremes she went to for the role.

Jared Leto








After a major weight gain in the 2007 film Chapter 27, Jared Leto slimmed down drastically in 2012 for his role as a transsexual named Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, the same movie Matthew McConaughey dropped weight for. “I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows. I’ve lost a lot of weight because I’m playing a young person with AIDS,” he said.  “It’s been challenging but really inspiring too.”

Matthew McConaughey








He went from super-buff to super-thin to play AIDS victim Ron Woodroof in The Dallas Buyers Club. Although it was a dramatic physical transformation for him, McConaughey revealed that there was a measured, methodical process behind his major weight loss. “It was just a steady diet. I got with a nutritionist; gave myself four months to do it; lost three pounds a week,” he shared. “…Actually it helped me…set a construct for me to focus and do the stuff I needed to do mentally and spiritually with the character.”

50 Cent








Rapper 50 Cent went from 214 pounds to 160 in just nine weeks with a liquid diet and working out three hours a day. This was for a role in the movie Things Fall Apart.

Christian Bale








Bale dropped from 180 pounds to about 120 pounds. Then he bulked back up to 220 pounds. To portray an anorexic, insomniac factory worker in The Machinist, then he got strong again to be Batman in The Dark Knight.  To lose the weight, Bale went into starvation mode, eating a can of tuna and an apple every day.

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5 responses to “Most amazing celebrity body transformations”

  1. Gary says:

    Wow! What a great transformations, especially Charlize Theron, Christian Bale and Matthew McConoughey! Amazing results. I wished I had such a strong will to lose my weight. I just hate dieting! Well, if I had a motivation of the money they get for the movies, then maybe I would move my ass to the gym more frequently and watch what junk I am eating.) Still great weight gain and drops are bad for the health and can cause diabetes in future.

  2. Tracy says:

    These are indeed great transformations! The actors have shown a great dedication to their work and their strong will. We all can debate here much if this is healthy or not, definitely not, but do we all do what is healthy. I admire people and their commitment to the job they do and the victory over human laziness.

  3. Cherry says:

    I always keep being amazed by how actors are being able to change their selves for this or that role. Awe my god, they really are doing a great job, and no wonder they are getting paid that well, they are paid for the things that they really are doing. Like for example Charlize Theron, how she changed completely for the movie “Monster” I really didn’t believed my own eyes when I saw her name in the cast, as I could not understand that it was her till the end of the movie. I am trying to lose 16 pounds and it really gives me a hard time, and I cannot imagine being in good mind and healthy spirit to make myself getting an extra 60 or 70 for some movie, and later to have to get rid of those, Awe my God even the thought about it terrifies me and makes me feel drowsy. So huge respect for her and for 50 Cent, wow he lost that much for the movie, he really is very ambitious.

  4. Dalila says:

    Hmm, Christian Bale, was always a bit scaring me and turning me off when I was seeing him in the movies, probably due to the fact that he is not a very positive hero in all the movies where he plays, but from the other side, there should be negative characters as well, the most important thing is that it should not influence his character in real life after those movies. He really amazed me in the movie “The Machinist”, wow he really has a huge power of will, in order to be able to do things like he does with his body. I think there is no amount of money in the world that would give me spiritual strength to say no to all kinds of cakes and cupcakes and to lose that much weight.

  5. Kate says:

    I love Matthew McConaughey and all the movies where he performs, he has such a born charisma and sense of humor, for some reason I think that those qualities are not the qualities of the characters that he is performing but his own qualities. No one can perform something like this, it is same as Jim Carey, no one would be able to perform his roles like he does, as it comes from him, it is who he is, when he is performing he is not playing but being himself. So no wonder Matt can easily adjust to each kind of movie.