Most awkward celebrity interviews

Part of being a celebrity is dealing with the constant media attention, among other things. Whenever a new movie or album comes out, stars are being interviewed as part of promotion. But in addition this, famous people are often answering all kinds of questions about their lives in front of the camera simply because their fans want to hear things like that. However, sometimes it happens that interviews just get awkward. Here are those moments.

John Cusack








A young girl, apparently a USC student, enters to interview Cusack about his film Grace Is Gone. She mentions how it’s funny that her classmates are watching and analysing American Beauty today, causing a confused Cusack to ask, “Why’s that funny?”. The interviewer seems to have mistaken Cusack for Kevin Spacey, insisting that he’s in “the one with the rose petals”, while Cusack, reacting like a pro, calmly corrects her and smiles his way through the awkward exchange.

Mila Kunis








Mila Kunis was left asking most of the questions after interviewer Chris Stark admitted that she was his first interview ever. Instead of talking about her new movie, Oz The Great And Powerful, the two talked about alcohol and soccer.

Joaquin Phoenix








Phoenix had previously announced his retirement from acting to become a rapper, though this in fact turned out to be a hoax, and part of Phoenix’s divisive mockumentary I’m Still Here. Phoenix appears on Letterman’s show to sell the hoax, while Letterman attempts to talk about Phoenix’s new film at the time, Two Lovers. Phoenix kept on giving brief answers, causing Letterman to sharply retort, “What can you tell us about your days with the Unabomber?” Letterman finally gave the brilliant closing line, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight”.

Bruce Willis








While Bruce is known for awkward behavior during interviews the most recent moment of strangeness would be this interview for British radio station Magic 105.4 while promoting his new film, Red 2. When interviewer Jamie Edwards asks Willis where his favorite shooting location was, he responds, “Istanbul,” even though the film was not shot there. Willis, who’s sitting alongside actress Mary- Louise Parker, goes on to tell him he is thinking about driving away rather than about their interview. Bruce dodges and or ignores the questions of the British radio host, then proceeds to explain to him how the fun part of making the movie is over, and how much he hates “selling the movie” in interviews.

Paris Hilton








Paris made a Letterman appearance shortly after her stint in jail, he started in pretty quickly with “So, how was jail?” She was game about it for the first four minutes or so; then her frustration surfaced and she shifted in her chair and kicked her fashionably clad foot restlessly. She said flat-out that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, to which Letterman responded, “Well, that’s where you and I are different, because that’s all I want to talk about.”

Russell Brand

People Russell Brand







Sometimes when an interview goes wrong, it’s not the celebrity’s fault at all. Take Russell Brand’s infamous segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The interview begins with Brand discussing his upcoming comedy tour, “The Messiah Complex,” but things quickly spiral out of control. The three hosts start joking about his accent and referring to Brand in the third person, one of them even calling him “Willy.” Then about six minutes in, Brand takes over. He shifts the momentum onto the anchors, schooling them in how to handle the news. He asks, “This is what you do for a living?” and tells viewers, “People of America, we’re going to be OK” before launching into a devastating critique of cable news.

Tom Cruise








The famous couch-jumping incident on The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of those unforgettable TV moments. The interview began normally enough, with Cruise appropriately answering the questions. Then he becomes truly physically overcome with the giddiness of his newfound love for Katie Holmes, unable to sit still, twitching, leaping up onto the couch cushions, falling to his knees, saying nothing really.

Charlie Sheen








After his infamous departure from the massive CBS hit Two And A Half Men, in an interview with “Today” show, Charlie Sheen says that people can’t process him with a normal brain because he is so awesome. The actor says he is a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA.



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One response to “Most awkward celebrity interviews”

  1. Mister X says:

    Well, we are all humans after all. Actors have a more gentle soul organization, if I can say so. Tom Cruise was just devastated by his divorce, I am sure of that. Charlie Seen thinks of himself as the best of the best, almost the god, but the funny thing is no one else, besides him thinks the same. Bruce is getting old and hate publicist, he just likes his cars, movies and Istanbul ahahahahaha! When it comes to the journalist it is easy to be taken away from the interview when such a betray as Mila Kunis is smiling at you and talks about the soccer you like so much! Hahaha! This is hilarious!