Most beautiful celebrities without makeup

We are used to seeing celebrities all dressed up and with makeup, looking gorgeous. But, even they go bare-faced every once in a while and they get caught on camera. Some of them are almost unrecognizable without relying on the magic of makeup and photo editing. However, there certainly are ladies who have surprisingly stunning natural beauty. Here are the most beautiful celebrity women without makeup.

Jennifer Lopez








Sure Jennifer might not look like the smoking hot diva she normally looks like without makeup but that isn’t to say her makeup free face isn’t beautiful all the same. She has such beautiful features and you really get to take notice of them when there isn’t a bunch of makeup slapped on her skin, pulling your attention to one area.

Selena Gomez








OK, we do know that Selena is a young girl whose skin is still fresh and who doesn’t yet have many things to hide. However, you cannot deny her stunning natural beauty and this picture is there to prove it. She’s really cute without any makeup on and so we believe she deserves her place on this list.

Jessica Biel








On the red carpet, Jessica Biel always looks stunning. But she swears she is a tomboy who desperately wants to wash off the makeup and put on some jeans. She looks so pretty—and comfortable—in her real skin. She’s just a naturally beautiful woman and (aside from a few unfortunate hair or fashion choices here and there) there isn’t much she can do to hide that. Her smile is electric whether it’s enhanced with lipstick or just left to shine on its own.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried Lands In Paris







Some time ago, Amanda Seyfried was photographed at the airport in Paris without a stitch of makeup on, and besides some understandably frizzy hair she looked freakin’ beautiful–especially considering the fact that she just stepped off a transatlantic flight. She is a beautiful woman and that’s it.

Kim Kardashian








When you see this picture of completely natural Kim Kardashian, it makes you wonder why she usually wears so much makeup. As surprising as it may be, Kim looks just as great totally bare-faced.

Jessica Alba








Imagine you are going grocery shopping and someone is trying to take a picture of you. That must be rather annoying. On the other hand, when you look this good without any makeup on your face, people trying to take your photo isn’t such a big deal, right?

Jennifer Garner








Naturally pretty Jennifer Garner is perhaps the fearless leader of the no-makeup-in-Hollywood posse. She’s photographed without it on every other day, to the point where she looks really weird with a bunch of blush on.

Katie Holmes








Katie is simply beautiful and her skin is so flawless that she doesn’t really need that much makeup. What’s even weirder is that sometimes she looks more beautiful without any lipstick on.


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