Most memorable acceptance speeches

Another Academy Awards ceremony is behind us and one of the most talked-about moments is definitely Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech. While some say he just showed how passionate and emotional he really is, others claim that his speech was incoherent and plain weird. Anyway, McConaughey is just one of the stars whose moment of triumph will be remembered for the words they said. Here are the most memorable acceptance speeches.

Adrien Brody








Adrien Brody was on top of the world after winning an Oscar for his performance in The Pianist at the 75th Academy Awards. After making his way to the stage, Brody embraced presenter Halle Berry by laying a big kiss on her lips. When he finally took the microphone, he pointed at Berry and said, “I bet they didn’t tell you that was in the gift bag.”

Mary Louise Parker








In 2004 Mary won a Golden Globe for her role on Showtime’s dark comedy Weeds. She is a true comedian and she showed it in her acceptance speech when she thanked her son for making her boobs look great in her dress. “Janel Maloney just told me she would pay me $1,000 if I thanked my newborn son for my boobs looking so good in this dress. So, get out your checkbook. William Atticus Parker, thank you so much from your mother,” she joked.

Tom Hanks








Hanks won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1994. He was awarded for his portrayal of a closeted gay lawyer diagnosed with AIDS. In his acceptance speech, the actor thanked “Mr. Rawley Farnsworth, who was my high school drama teacher, who taught me to act well the part, there all the glory lies. And one of my classmates under Mr. Farnsworth, Mr. John Gilkerson. I mention their names because they are two of the finest gay Americans, two wonderful men that I had the good fortune to be associated with, to fall under their inspiration at such a young age.” Nothing unusual about the speech, you may think. Well, the problem was Farnsworth had yet to come out as gay.

Joe Pesci








“It’s my privilege. Thank you.” That was Joe Pesci’s acceptance speech, in its entirety, after winning for Best Supporting Actor in Goodfellas at the 63rd Academy Awards. It’s also one of the shortest in Oscar history.

Melissa Leo








Melissa was quite overwhelmed when she took the stage to accept her award for Best Supporting Actress at the 83rd Academy Awards. After thanking a few people and making a few jokes, she went silent before saying, “When I watched Kate Winslet two years ago, it looks so f***ing easy.” She followed with an “Oops!” and clasped her hand over her mouth before finishing the speech.

Hugh Laurie








Solving the age-old problem of acknowledging everyone who deserves to be recognized in a speech, Hugh Laurie wrote the names of all 172 people who deserved to be thanked for his 2006 House win on individual pieces of paper and pulled three at random from his pocket. He thanked his hair stylist, script supervisor, and agent!

Cuba Gooding Jr.








Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acceptance for Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire in 1997 was not ordinary. At the beginning of his speech, the actor told the producers of the Academy Awards that they could cut away from him if he ran over his time limit. He did, and they cued the music. However, Gooding didn’t stop; he continued to thank everyone he could remember, shouting “I love you, I love you!” as the music swelled behind him. When he was finished, he placed his Oscar on the stage and jumped for joy.

Cate Blanchett








At this year’s Golden Globes awards, Cate was named the best actress in drama. She started her speech by saying: “I have a few vodkas under my belt.” The Blue Jasmine actress said some thank you’s, made some comments on the role of women in film and concluded: “Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, for not only plying me with vodka in the way Judy Garland was probably plied with barbiturates, thank you, thank you!”

Jacqueline Bisset








Legendary actress received the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Performance in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film for her work in Dancing on the Edge. It took Bisset almost a minute to get to the stage after her name was announced, and then, she said: “I can’t believe this. God knows you’ve nominated me about five times I think, anyway. OK! Scottish background to the front! OK! Um, I always wanted to do something for the BBC. And we did this. And this was great. Chiwetel, where are you? Can I see Chiwetel? I need him for inspiration. Where is he? OK. We had a good cast, didn’t we? It was great. Starz thank you for putting this on and, uh, thank you to my British agent, Steve Kenis, and my American agent, Harry Abrams. I…I’m sorry, I’m gonna get this together! I want to thank the people who’ve given me joy and there have been many! The people who’ve given me s*it, I say, like my mother, what did she say? She used to say, “Go to hell and don’t come back.” However, however, however, my mother was not entirely me. I believe if you wanna look good, you’ve got to forgive everybody. You have to forgive everybody. It’s the best beauty treatment. Forgiveness for yourself and for the others. I love my friends, I love my family, and you’re so kind! Thank you so much! Thank you!”

Angelina Jolie

angelina-jolie copy







Angie brought her brother, James Haven, as her date to the 72nd Academy Awards, so it only made sense that she would thank him when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Girl, Interrupted. Still, it was a bit weird when she started off her speech by saying, “I’m so in love with my brother right now.” Jolie and Haven raised even more eyebrows when they shared an open-mouth kiss later on in the evening.

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2 responses to “Most memorable acceptance speeches”

  1. Tina says:

    Well, Oscar Award is a big event in actors’ life, so people are very emotional. Sometimes they prepare speeches, sometimes not, but being on emotions they forget everything being on stage. Usually these are ‘thank you’ words and love speech. Still many start telling funny things and sometimes even awkward as do not really understand what they say being so happy and amazed to get Oscar. What happiness can do with people! They scream, jump, cry and even kiss siblings on the lips. What can be sad in one word? People go CRAZY happy!

  2. Mona says:

    People worry much when they are receiving such a great award and world recognition as great actors and actresses. No wonders there will be many slips of tongues, tears, smiles, even jumps, kissing and roars. Still kissing a brother on lips was too much on Angie’s side. This Oscar Award ceremony has given a start to many rumors about them being lovers and so on. People just look for the celebrities to slip somewhere and make a scandal that will sell well out of it!