Most selfless acts done by celebrities

The sad truth is that Hollywood is full of some very rude and condescending people. But on the bright side, there are stars that can restore your faith in humanity. These people use their fame for good and have done some pretty incredible things. Here are some of the brightest celebrity moments.

Zach Galifianakis and Renee Zellweger








Now that he’s a big star, Zach decided help out an 87-year-old homeless woman he had met 20 years before he became famous by buying her an apartment. Galifianakis’ friend Renee Zellweger was so inspired by the gesture that she pitched in for furniture and a lifetime supply of groceries. To top it all off, Zach took the woman as his date to the premiere of his movie.

Oprah Winfrey








Although she had a very tough childhood marked by sexual molestation, early pregnancy, and poverty, instead of being angry at the world, Oprah worked hard to create a way to help other people. Her TV show, “Oprah” has not only helped countless people with their problems, but also given away free prizes as big as new homes. As a final act of good faith, Oprah has revealed that a part of her will was to donate 1 billion dollars to charity.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper-1728478







Cooper made the day of hundreds of homeless people in Philadelphia. The A-list star, who was in town to shoot Silver Linings Playbook, spent his own cash to buy the people winter jackets and even distributed them with his own hands. When a homeless man complimented Cooper on his own jacket, he gave it to him off of his own back.

Johnny Depp








This guy has done so many good deeds that you would think he’s a saint. A 9-year-old girl wrote a letter addressed to Johnny’s famous character, Captain Jack Sparrow. In the letter, the girl asked Deep to help her and her classmates “stage a mutiny” against their teachers. Depp actually read the letter, and showed up at the girl’s school, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. During filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Johnny spent $ 62,000 to buy jackets for all the crew members, because it was raining.

Mila Kunis








When Marine Sergeant Scott Moore posted a video asking Mila Kunis to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball, Kunis wasted no time accepting the offer. On November 18, 2011 the two took plenty of pictures and made plenty of introductions to fellow Marines.

Jennifer Lawrence








Last year Jennifer, along with a few other Good Samaritans, came to the aid of a teenage girl who had collapsed outside her Santa Monica, California, apartment building. According to an X17 photographer who witnessed the event, the actress ran out of her apartment when she heard the scream and swiftly dialed 911. JL stayed with the girl until paramedics arrived.

Christian Bale








Christian Bale visited victims of a massacre that occurred at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, spending two-and-a-half hours at the Medical Center of Aurora and meeting with five people being treated there and two others brought in from another hospital.

Harrison Ford








Now this guy is a true hero, and not just in the movies. A certified helicopter pilot, Ford often joins search for stranded hikers near his home in Jackson, Wyoming. To date, the actor has spotted and rescued a lost Boy Scout and a stranded hiker disoriented by altitude sickness.

Ellen DeGeneres








A New Hampshire waitress, Sarah Hoidahl, served lunch to two soldiers who were talking about how they had been furlonged during the government shutdown. Sarah, after hearing this, decided to cover their $27.75 meal. When Ellen DeGeneres heard about this good deed she invited the waitress to her show and gave her a check for $10,000. But that’s not all. The talk-show host sent a producer, pretending to be a reporter, to Sarah’s work in New Hampshire. Ellen then called mid ‘interview’ and another staff member ran in with keys to a new Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. When presented with keys, the waitress couldn’t stop crying.

Keanu Reeves








Keanu has been through some pretty rough stuff in his life. You’d think that after that turn of events, he would be a pretty bitter guy, but no. Keanu bought free lunch for all the stage hands and grunt workers during the last weeks of filming of the 1996 film Chain Reaction. He gave $ 20,000 to a man working on building movie sets. The man, who worked on the Matrix set, had financial troubles with his family, of which the actor heard and decided to help. Keanu helped a woman whose car broke down on an LA highway. He tried to start her car up, and then called for the vehicle to be towed. He then proceeded to drive the woman all the way to her home, 50 miles off from where he himself was heading. To finish it off, he gave the woman his phone number for any additional help.



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  1. Travis says:

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I am very happy to hearth there are many good people among celebrities too and having enough of money they can help people, who are in need. Besides, this they help not only with money, but with what they can, that is very inspiring. I am happy t o find out that not only egocentrism and selfishness blossoms in Hollywood and that so many actors are great and compassionate people at heart! The world is the way we make it and let it be more of the charity and donation work as well as simply good-will actions.