Most shocking revelations in celebrity memoirs

Celebrity biographies and memoirs are often filled with all sorts of juicy details that fans simply love. It’s probably because we all want to have a sneak peek at usually hidden parts of lives of rich and famous. Lots of stars have decided to share some very interesting details with the rest of the world and here are the most shocking celebrity memoirs and the secrets they have revealed.

Anne Heche







Actress Anne Heche really opened up about her harrowing childhood and mental breakdown in Call Me Crazy. The book is full of bizarre passages, including an explanation of her alien abduction and a story about Heche believing she was a pile of excrement after she took LSD. “Yes, I went out and slept with substitutes for my mother and my father. Yes, it would always leave me wounded and disappointed. Yes, it was unbearable. Yes, it was painful. Yes, I did drugs to cover the pain. Yes, I had love to cover the pain. Yes, I hid my pain in the fame. Yes, my patterns drove me crazy. Yes, I went crazy,” the actress wrote.

Melissa Joan Hart

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In her book Melissa Explains it All, the actress reveals the dark side of fame. She openly talks about taking Ecstasy at the Playboy Mansion in 1999, making out with a girl in the limo ride home and then going to a Maxim photo shoot while still high. She also sucked face with “man-whore” (her words) Jerry O’ Connell and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, but resisted Ashton Kutcher for his “smart-ass remarks.”

Corey Feldman







Former child star Corey Feldman recently published his memoir, Coreyography, in which he reveals that as a young actor in Hollywood, his life was filled with drugs, excesses and even sexual abuse he and late Corey Haim experienced while working in Hollywood. Both Haim and Feldman battled substance abuse issues for years. Feldman reached a breaking point when he was arrested for heroin in 1990 at 19 years old. After two more drug arrests, he got sober. Haim was in and out of rehab for addiction 15 times before his death in 2010.

Maureen McCormick







The former child star and clean-cut Marsha from The Brady Bunch revealed her history of drug abuse, bulimia and trading love for drugs. Her autobiography, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, includes an inside look into her relationships with co-stars and the dangerous addiction to drugs that derailed her career. She wrote: “I sought refuge in seemingly glamorous cocaine dens above Hollywood. I thought I would find answers there, while in reality I was simply running farther from myself.”

Carrie Fisher







Carrie Fisher, of Princess Leia fame, comes clean about her destructive behavior and equally dysfunctional family in Wishful Drinking. The book was reviewed as a compelling and often hilarious tale about Fisher’s trials with drugs and bipolar disorder. And also included interesting anecdotes, such as the time Fisher’s mother got her a vibrator for Christmas.

Rupert Everett







Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins explores Rupert Everett’s life in the public eye and during private moments. He shares stories about famous people he’s worked with, people he’s partied with, and people he’s sparred with in the entertainment industry throughout his many years on the stage and in the movies. The actor writes about his wild gay lifestyle, alcohol and drug use, as well as early life as a prostitute.

Jodie Sweetin







We all know Jodie Sweetin as cute child star Stephanie Tanner on Full House, but in her tell-all book UnSweetined she tells the other side of the story, including that she was high while giving a lecture on how she got her life clean. “I know what they didn’t think. They didn’t think I was coming down from a two-day bender of coke, meth, and Ecstasy and they didn’t think that I was lying to them with every sentence that came out of my mouth,” she says.

Teri Hatcher







Teri Hatcher wrote her memoir, Burnt Toast, to make others enthusiastic about getting the most out of life, but she also used it to unload a pretty big secret as well. Hatcher’s tome reveals that the actress was sexually abused by her uncle and hid the secret from others until he molested a 14-year-old girl who committed suicide as a result.

Tatum O’Neal







In her recent memoir, A Paper Life, Tatum O’Neal shares her story about her difficult childhood, revealing that her father, Ryan O’Neal, abused her physically and emotionally. She admits she began smoking marijuana at 12, and soon got into Quaaludes and cocaine. The actress also reveals that Melanie Griffith took her to an opium-filled orgy when she was just 12.




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