Most successful actors at the box office

There are different ways of measuring success and in the movie business it usually comes down to awards and profits. Studio executives are mostly interested in the financial success of a movie and they know that some actors sell more tickets than others. Here are the most successful stars at the box office.

Robin Williams







After starring on the TV series Mork and Mindy, Robin Williams began his film career with the title role in Popeye in 1980. He quickly became an international celebrity and movie star. Williams has won an Oscar, six Golden Globes and three Grammy Awards in his career. His average film gross is $67.3 million per movie.

Johnny Depp







Depp started his movie career by landing role in the film Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. He then started studying acting and in 1990 he got the titular role in Tim Burton’s fantasy film, Edward Scissorhands. This movie established Depp as an A-list actor, and it also grossed more than $54 million at the box office. His highest grossing movie is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which generated $1,066,179,725 worldwide. Depp’s career average is $76.8 million per film.

Will Smith

"After Earth" Premiere - New York






Will Smith is widely regarded as the most successful actor making films today.  His movies have an amazing average gross of $127,145,449 million dollars, which is the highest among lead actors.  He is the only actor in history to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in domestic box office sales.  Will Smith has also had eight consecutive films open at the #1 spot. His most successful movie is Independence Day.

Morgan Freeman







Morgan Freeman was first nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in the 1987 film Street Smart. Over the course of his career, Freeman has been an Academy Award nominee five times, winning once, in 2005, for his supporting role in Million Dollar Baby. Freeman has also starred in a number of major box office hits, including the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan — one of the most successful franchises of all time. He has starred in around sixty productions, which have an average gross of $77 million per film.

Eddie Murphy







His acting career took off at age 19 after he joined Saturday Night Live. Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly the most successful comedic actor of all time.  His films have an average gross of $100.3 million. Eddie’s two highest grossing films, Shrek 2 and Beverly Hills Cop, grossed more than a half-billion dollars each.

Bruce Willis







Bruce has appeared in over sixty films and usually plays the title role in his movies. His career was launched when he played David Addison on TV’s Moonlighting opposite Cybill Shepherd. The series firmly established Bruce Willis as a hot new talent and in 1988 he landed his most famous role of John McClane in the action hit Die Hard. To date, his films have an average gross of $55.7 million per movie.

Tom Cruise







Tom Cruise is definitely one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood. At 23, he starred in Top Gun, a film that went on to gross $370 million. Other movies starring Cruise that grossed more than $300 million include Rain Man and the first two Mission Impossible movies. Cruise has never won an Academy Award, but has been nominated three times. His films have an average gross of $96.8 million.

Harrison Ford







Harrison Ford is best known as Han Solo from the original Star Wars trilogy, which grossed nearly $2.9 billion after adjusting for ticket price inflation, and as the adventurous archaeologist of the Indiana Jones franchise, which grossed more than $1.8 billion. His films have an average gross of $101.4 million.

Samuel L Jackson







Samuel L Jackson’s movies have made over $8.5 billion worldwide. He has been the busiest man in Hollywood for the last twenty years and has appeared in over 70 productions. Movies that he has appeared in have an average gross of $61.3 million per film.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks ist von der deutschen Filmgeschichte begeistert






Tom Hanks is the most successful lead actor in cinema history with his films grossing over $8 billion dollars worldwide. Hanks’ highest grossing film was Forrest Gump, with an adjusted total of more than $611 million. Other Hanks films that grossed more than $300 million include Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away and all three Toy Story movies. His career average is $101 million per film.

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3 responses to “Most successful actors at the box office”

  1. Kelly says:

    I am so amazed by the fact how Bruce Willis looks like, even though he is already not a you g actor anymore,but his inside charisma somehow managed to make him look charming even after so many years of carrier in the cinema. Right now i am thinking and i caught myself on the thought that i have never read any kind of nasty newspaper article about him, in fact i always read that he is a wonderful family man, how much he cares about his ex wife Demi and about their daughters. Now if relying on the latest articles i read how he is spending time with his new wife and their baby, i think it is very cute. And eventually while being a good person, good things will happen with him.

  2. Jenna says:

    For me it is a great surprise that Tom Cruise is such a famous actor and that he is so demanded in the cinema. Because if referring to my type of man, i would say that he is the last man in Hollywood on whom i would possibly ever be able to turn my attention upon. The other thing i don’t really understand is how he is getting his roles considering the fact that he is very short, but usually gets “macho” type of roles. Well probably there is something not really. Lean about it. Maybe he is praying to some God only he knows and this way he manages to stay famous in the world of Hollywood, if anyone else knows some better excuse for his popularity i would be more than happy to read about it.

  3. Lily says:

    Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, i cannot describe how awesome he is! I love every single movie he performed in, well i guess all of them except the drama one in which he performed with his son, i think i am just not really able to deal with him performing a role not in comedy genre. But the good thing is that i love him anyway, it started since i saw the movie “Independence Day”, frankly speaking i think it was the first movie i have seen with him, but nevertheless it was a super good one, i still watch it a few times per year, even though there is s bunch of new movies i can see, but still there is nothing better than this one due to the jokes and spirit of the movie.