Movie stars who aren’t aging well

Even though it’s inevitable, aging is never easy for anybody. And this especially goes for Hollywood actors and actresses. Movie industry is very competitive and puts huge pressure on people to look young and beautiful and that’s why many stars undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries in an effort to keep that fresh youthful appearance. Some people age gracefully, but here are stars who haven’t been so fortunate.

Joan Van Ark








The New York-born actress began in bit parts on TV dramas before hitting the jackpot as Valene Ewing on ‘80s nighttime soap Knots Landing. And in her prime, she was undeniably gorgeous. But the knife has taken a toll. Multiple cosmetic procedures over many years have made Van Ark nearly unrecognizable. And by fighting the aging process, she looks older than ever.

Mickey Rourke








Looking at him you can see what happens when you not only age poorly, but you have had extensive plastic surgery. Mickey Rourke was once one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks, but when the genetically blessed star decided to take up boxing, he busted up his face and had to turn to a plastic surgeon to try and repair the damage.  Mickey’s career has recovered since the incident, but the Oscar nominated actor definitely doesn’t have the love appeal of his former self.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith - Life Ball 2013







The fifty-six year old used to be a comedic cutie, but the star appears to have had several cosmetic surgeries, which have aged her dramatically. “I remember when I was in my late 20s and early 30s women in their late 40s saying your career is over after 40. I thought, ‘That can’t be true.’ They are giving up, or they are not looking, but it pretty much is true. Unless you are Meryl Streep, there are not a lot of opportunities for women in their 40s,” Melanie once said.

Val Kilmer








Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Val Kilmer was the go-to guy for playing handsome jerks. Whether it was Top Gun’s Iceman, Chris Knight in Real Genius, or rock icon Jim Morrison, the Julliard-trained actor was the hottie women all over the world adored. However, his excessive partying has definitely taken a toll on his former good looks.

Pamela Anderson








Pamela Anderson just isn’t the same girl in the red suit from Baywatch anymore. She used to be a man’s dream but today her face just looks old and tired.

Nick Nolte








Nick Nolte was once a model, not to mention People’s Sexist Man Alive in 1992. Looking at his picture today, that’s hard to believe. Years of hard-partying, alcohol and drugs have run their course on the aging actor. Most people would probably agree that he looks like a homeless person.

Meg Ryan








Once America’s sweetheart, the fresh faced Meg Ryan ruined her “girl next door” looks (and arguably her career) by going under the knife. When she was on top of her game, Meg was certainly one of the cutest actresses on the big screen. Today, thanks to excessive plastic surgery, she is unrecognizable.


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