Naomi Watts sent fan letter to Cate Blanchett

naomi-watts Deeply moved by Cate Blanchett’s brilliant performance in Blue Jasmine, Naomi Watts decided to send her a fan letter.

Watts vas so impressed that she had to send the Oscar-winning actress a note, in which she praised her portrayal of a rich socialite who ends up homeless.

“Cate Blanchett’s performance was out of this world, she was just fantastic; I wrote a fan letter to her,” Naomi said. “Just telling her how brilliant she is, as always, but particularly this role… I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I did all things, and so did she. She was just brilliant.”

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One response to “Naomi Watts sent fan letter to Cate Blanchett”

  1. Zhanna says:

    Cate Blanchet has gained more fans after winning Oscar for her role in ‘Blue Jasmine’, even among her colleagues in Hollywood cinema industry. This was very nice of Naomi Watts to write a fan admiring letter to Cat Blanchet. This was a great way to express the amazing actress’s work in their movie and her commitment and dedication to the truth in portraying the character. Oscars are earned with sweet and hard work and Cate Blanchet really have deserved it.