Natalie Portman swears by gyrotonics workout

Natalie-Portman Actress Natalie Portman has her own way of keeping fit and it’s the combination of gyrotonics and running around after her two-year-old son. Gyrotonics is a special workout method that combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, Tai-chi, and swimming.

She said: ”I try to exercise. I jog and I do gyrotonics which is sort of like Pilates and is very good for the spine, very healing. Plus, I’m running around all the time, especially now I have a two-year-old son, which keeps me very busy and engaged with the world.”

The actress, who is married to choreographer Benjamin Millepied – says she is lucky to have a husband who helps her juggle work and family. ”It’s a constant juggling situation. I’m at the point where I love my family but I still have my work and it’s a question of fitting it all in. I’m lucky enough to have great help and a great partner, which certainly makes things much easier,” she said.

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