Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman receive Chinese entertainment awards

Nicolas-Cage China’s 10th Huading Awards took place on Monday night and Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman and Quentin Tarantino were among the international stars who picked up the awards.

Cage was handed the Best Global Actor prize while Kidman was named Best Global Actress. Tarantino was named Best Global Director in Motion Pictures.

Cage, who is currently shooting new movie Outcast in China, said he’s enjoying the warmth and enthusiasm he feels while working there on a new film. “I believe in the genius loci of a place, the genie of the place is what I call it. I absorb that energy and it affects performance wherever I go. Making a movie in China, I’m buzzing with good energy, I feel great here. I love the people I’m working with, I love the crew, and there’s a genuine warmth and enthusiasm that I get from my conversations,” the actor said.

CHINA MACAU HUADING AWARDSTarantino revealed he finds inspiration for his work in Asian cinema. He said: “I’ve been a fan of Asian cinema my whole life growing up. I did my movie Kill Bill as a complete tribute to my love for it and so to come here amongst the Chinese film industry and get this from the Chinese fans is a dream come true.”

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One response to “Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman receive Chinese entertainment awards”

  1. Mike says:

    Even Chinese people know how to appreciate Hollywood brilliant actors and movie makers. I feel proud for the bright stars, who have reached world fame and are loved by many people from any part of the earth globe. Due to them American Cinematograph is one of the leading in the world!!!