Nicolas Cage to be a grandfather

cage Nicolas Cage will become a grandfather for the first time, and he is thrilled.

The actor’s son, Weston Cage, and his wife, Danielle, announced that they would be parents to a baby boy. During the Kasem Cares Foundation’s First Annual Fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, the happy couple shared the news.

“It is a boy. Big boy, weighs a lot,” Danielle said. “I’m so excited! This wasn’t necessarily planned, but it is completely welcomed. We’re so happy to be giving birth eventually.”

When asked about his father’s reaction, Weston said, “He was ecstatic. His reaction was one of pure joy and bliss. Family is very important to us.”


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4 responses to “Nicolas Cage to be a grandfather”

  1. Mila says:

    Congratulations to Nicolas Cage! He is a happy family man! Now he will become a happy grandfather of the big and healthy boy! What can be better? Family comes number one priority in life and this is where people need to succeed. Nicolas Cage is lucky to combine between career and his happy family life. He is a great example to follow in this respect!

  2. Camilla says:

    I am so happy for Nicholas Cage; a child in the family is always something very nice, while a grandson is even better, as he will be able to spoil him as much as he wants. You cannot spoil a kid if it is your son or daughter, but it is certainly a must to do that if it is a grandson or granddaughter, as after those little monsters will start showing up their character, not he will be the one to educate them, but his son and son’s wife, which sounds like a perfect plan. Cage lately seems to be very happy, and I am sure that it is all due to his wife Alice Kim Cage, who surrounded him with so much love, tenderness and affection that is obvious in every picture they have together. Probably that was exactly the harmony and tranquility that Nicholas was looking for with all of his wives, but only Alicia could give that to him, my personal opinion is that they are so happy due to the fact that she is simple, and not from some rich family who spoils its children right from the diapers.

  3. Shonda says:

    Nicholas Cage looks really happy on this picture, I can only imagine how happy he was to hear about the news, I mean I doubt he is happy about “grandfather” thing, as it makes him look older than he is, but about the fact that a baby will appear soon in their wonderful family. I really respect people with family values, and care towards each other. It seems that he is originally exactly from this kind of family, which is a good thing not only for him, but also for everyone in the family who will live after him. There are not many that talented and powerful families in the entire history of Hollywood as his is, and probably it is the only one who is into cinema industry for a few generations in the row, it is a pity that Nicholas’s elder son Weston is not that much into performing, hopefully the younger son will follow the tradition, otherwise Nicholas’s generation might be the last one in the cinema.

  4. Ray says:

    Tadaaa Nicholas Cage will become a grandpa, mm I am wondering will he be a bad grandpa, just like the one who recently appeared in a movie where he took care of a grandson in a very funny way, I laughed my a** out when I saw him shipping his grandson to another state in a box at FedEx office, that was he** funny! I hope Nicholas will be a better grandfather, otherwise his grandson is screwed. His son Weston will soon become a father himself but something tells me, that the first person who should grew up is him, as his makeup and the way he looks like do not look like he is an adult and perfectly understands what he is doing, having a child means assuming a huge responsibility, and start caring about the wife and child more than about him. Some fathers are not keeping very well with that one, and I am afraid that his marriage might end up same as the marriage of his parents, and that would be an epic fail. Here is the moment when Nicholas should appear and give his son an advice of how to keep the family, the advice that no one has ever given to him.