Olivia Wilde Felt Invisible as a Brunette

 29-year-old actress Olivia Wilde enjoys every single moment in the company of her soon-to-be husband Jason Sudeikis. The couple was last seen at LAX Airport with arms around each other. They were constantly showing their affection for one another on their way to catch a flight.

The actress recently spoke about the difference that change of hair color brought to her. According to Olivia, Hollywood doesn’t perceive blondes and brunettes the same way.  “I spent the first couple years of my career as a very blonde blonde. And then I went brunette for a role, and suddenly all my offers changed,” she revealed.  “And I always wondered – would I have been offered those roles had I still been blonde? I don’t think so.” She also added: “I think the perception of brunettes being more intellectual persists. Even though it makes no sense! I mean, Hillary Clinton is very, very blonde!”

Olivia obviously made a good choice when it comes to her career. However, she noticed certain other changes that came with different hair color. “When I went from being blonde for a long time to brunette, I felt like I was invisible, because you’d walk into a room, and nobody immediately looks at you,” the actress explained.Â

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