Oprah Winfrey buys half-sister a house

1 19 2010 B Show - Ultimate Reunions Oprah Winfrey Meets Her Step Sister Over the years Oprah Winfrey has helped many people by donating millions of dollars to charity and now she wants to support her half-sister Patricia Lofton achieve her dreams.

The TV mogul revealed in 2011 that she had been reunited with her long-lost sister Patricia who had been given up for adoption by their mother Vernita in 1963. Now Oprah has bought her sister a $490,000 four-bedroom home in Wisconsin and paying for her college education.

Winfrey also gives Lofton a monthly allowance so that she can quit her job and concentrate on studies.

Oprah’s rep says, “Patricia’s greatest dream was to go to college and become a social worker. Oprah wants to support that dream.”

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4 responses to “Oprah Winfrey buys half-sister a house”

  1. Tim says:

    I admire Oprah Winfrey! I am glad she has reunited with her half sister after so long time and has the ability to help her to realize her life time dream. I admire Oprah for her kind and generous heart that she managed to preserve despite the fact she has come through very tough time in her childhood and teen age. I admire her strength, power of will and dedication to her will. There is nothing impossible and Oprah is a live evidence of this!

  2. Keysha says:

    Awe I know that I am not being unique here by saying something like that, but I do love Oprah Winfrey, I think I have never heard or read about anyone being that kind and nice as she is! I hope God will give her a lot of health and strength so she will be able to continue doing all of those good things that she is doing. I am very happy for her and for the fact that she finally got her sister back, as there is nothing more important in this world than family is and I am sure that Oprah is one of those people who are able to really appreciate it in the best meaning of the sentence. I cannot really imagine what would happen to the world if Oprah would stop existing, that would probably be an epic fail. During her carrier on the television she has helped so many people that probably doesn’t even remember all of them, but what I like most of all about her is the fact that although she is America’s sweetheart, at least one of them, she is not ever showing off and is acting in a very modest way, I think it is awesome that she is being so great with everyone. I wish there were some more people like her on the television who are giving such a good example to everyone, and who are inspiring and encouraging the youth for something better than they really are.

  3. Emma says:

    While reading this article I didn’t have surprised at all, as the heart of this woman (Oprah Winfrey) is simply huge. All the America loves her, but here is a thing I want to say, I am not originally from United States of America, I came here recently, but can say for sure that I was pretty aware of the fact that Oprah is by the time I came here. Oprah is the person who is known throughout the entire world due to her great deeds. And actually I am very happy for her and for the fact that she managed to stay nice and good in this rude world, and I wish there were more people on the television and not only who would care more about such big problems in the world as poverty in the third world countries, or the problem of cancer and finding the solutions to treat it, as well as many, many other major problems, instead of caring more about the brand shoes or purse. I hate people who are pretending to be so good and kind, and in reality they are not good at all just pretending in order to look better in front of the cameras. And I can surely say that Oprah is not one of those, the kindness and good heart are just her essence, and things that are coming up right from her heart.

  4. Tara says:

    Well done Oprah, I am proud of you, helping everyone in the world is a very good thing, but let’s also not forgets about the family. I think family is the most important thing in each person’s life, and we really are nothing without the family in this world. I think I would never become the person I am without having my supporting me family by my side, and this is the “ugly” truth. I am very happy for Oprah that she finally found her sister, I can only imagine her happiness about finding Patricia Lofton, I guess the fact that she have found her, means that she was looking for her all those years. So finally Oprah Winfrey after so many years of helping the other people got her own present, a sister! I think that is was a real pleasure to buy her sister a house, I am the type of person who enjoys more to give presents than receiving them, and for some reason I think Oprah is same as I am concerning this issue.