Oprah Winfrey: I knew Obama would become president

oprah_winfrey_688244 Appearing on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, Oprah Winfrey talked about Barack Obama and how she knew he would become America’s next president.

She said: ”That was one of those moments. I had seen him at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 and I remember sitting in my sitting room watching him alone and thinking, ‘That man’s going to be president one day and I hope I’m alive to see it’.

”I had a party with all the legends, Diana Ross and Tina Turner, like 60 of them… and I invited Barack Obama there to speak and I remember introducing him to that entire group saying, ‘This man will be president someday.”’

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One response to “Oprah Winfrey: I knew Obama would become president”

  1. Alexander says:

    Oprah is a great woman, who does a lot of charity and she is very charismatic. I totally adore her. I can tell she has a gift of seeing future and though I am not fond of Obama, I am happy to find she was right) yes, no matter how foolish this can sound form me now! Hehehehe! I am sure this woman will achieve many more heights in life now.