Orlando Bloom’s emotionally tough Syrian refugee camp visit


During his recent visit to the Zaatari camp, Orlando Bloom visited Syrian refugees and spoke to them. The actor, who is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF, was heartbroken after meeting boys his son’s age who will most likely continue the war when they grow up.

Bloom spoke to one father in the camp and explains, “He held his four-year-old son’s arm in the air and said, ‘My son is going to fight for the revolution when he’s old enough.’ But if these kids go on to fight… (they will become part of) a lost generation…

“Having a three-year-old myself, it breaks your heart. It’s not something you can even comprehend. You would die before you allow them to have that experience.”

He added: “Kids are seeing far too much violence and torture. They have witnessed such pain. They need help. They’ve lived lives like you and I. All they want to do is go home. Their kids are desperate for an education.”

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